Alice believes her and her friends are actually reincarnations of those of Wonderland. She could name who and why her friends (and enemies) are those of those realm. Her friends actually enjoy her behavior.

"Jen, you're the Mad Hatter." Alice states proudly, one day at lunch. This was the first time she had ever said such a thing out loud. Jinny gave Alice a look. But Alice didn't notice.

"Klay, you're The Cheshire Cat, because you're always grinning and making sarcastic remarks." Alice made a face, and then grinned. Klay looked pleased.

"Minnie, you're the March Hare."

"Gabe, you're the King of Hearts."

"...That would make Ashley the Queen of Hearts?" Gabe shot a glance at his girlfriend who was sitting a few lunch tables away. Alice grinned again, and nodded.

"I have a really bad feeling you're going to have a Wizard of Oz like dream, and start talking more nonsense tomorrow." Lizah said, putting her head into her hands.

"And that would make you the Dormouse." Alice said.

"Oh thanks." Lizah muttered.

"Sorry I'm late -"

"The white rabbit!" Alice joyed, and clapped slightly.

"Should I...?" Patrick started to ask, but stopped and just sat down.

"And we are?" a pair of twins popped up behind Alice, and she beamed.

"Tweedledum and Tweedledum, of course!" Alice told them, grinning again.

Evan and Ezra looked please, and took the spots beside the blonde haired girl.

Harry had suddenly appeared, and sat down across from Alice, and next to Gabe.

"And Harry's the Caterpillar!" Alice smiled, and clapped.

Alice sighed, and smiled at her work categorizing her friends. She truly felt that they were reincarnations. From every Alice in Wonderland movie, book, and shorts she's seen, she would know. She sighed, and placed her chin on her palm and began to day dream.

When she 'awoke' she felt different, her eyes fluttered open and she didn't see her lunchroom, or her friends.

"You've discovered -" Tweedledee started

"- Our secret, Alice." Tweedledum smiled.

Alice's face flushed, and she looked around her. She wasn't in her normal school clothes, but in a blue dress, tied back with a white ribbon. Her blond hair was curled, and pushed back. She grinned, when she saw sigh of the other Wonderland creatures. The Cheshire Cat was in a tree grinning. The Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, and White Rabbit were sitting at a long tea table, inviting her to sit down.

The Tweedles pulled out her chair, and she sat thanking them.

The Hatter cleared his throat, "How'd you figure it out Alice?" he smiled, a crooked smile, much like the one Jen always wears when she smiles, "What made you so bright?" He questioned.

Alice didn't respond, but only smiled.

A/N: I got extremely bored tonight, and this took me about fifteen minutes to write. Its horrible, and I'll revise it in a couple of days – I just really wanted to post something on the page!