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"Grey Means No Smiles"

We had been the best of friends, him and I. When our friendship started, it was more one-sided than anything. I was basically a shadow, even for a freshman, (which was almost surprising given my Irish accent) and he just came and would never leave my side. (He was cute though, so he definitely wasn't a shadow.) I didn't like the new attention I'd been getting, and truly tried to get him to leave me alone. Of course, one really awesome joke later, I laughed and smiled and he didn't leave me alone after that. I gave up on trying to make him leave. Even when he continued going to high school ,and I graduated at the end of that year. (I was a certified genius.)

It was a strange comradery, what we had. I wasn't particularly "happy" really, due to what happened in my life to land me in an adoptive home. It was a great place, I had a great brother and sister, Xander and Fiona. Of course, Declan eventually found out that the three of us were trained by our adoptive parents, to "fight the really evil guys" as Declan put it. He was more simple minded.

One day, we were just talking. Being who I was, sharing many of my thoughts at all wasn't a part of me, but he brought it out. It was almost forced, but when he told me (almost jokingly) that I would give myself a stress ulcer if I didn't get it out, and I wouldn't be able to train for a while, I complied quite willingly. He was quiet for a moment after I'd finished talking, and I was worried that I'd said something wrong. His next words startled me.

"You know Rose...we haven't really talked about all those silly things that people seem to discuss first...what's your favorite color?" I grew a tiny smile.

"Grey." His eyebrows rose.

"Seriously? Why on earth would grey be your favorite color?" He kind of wrinkled his nose at it.

"It's probably the saddest color, just about any shade of it is. More sad than dark blue, it's just sad."

"...That's why it's your favorite color?"

"It's so sad because no one wants their favorite color to be grey." He let that slowly sink in, and then he rolled his eyes.

"Only you would make me feel bad for a freaking color." I laughed. I had a little bit of a tendency to feel bad for inanimate objects. It was silly, but I honestly didn't care.

I knew that being friends with Declan would be tough. It could mean danger to the both of us- because guess what: evil people have vengeful friends. I knew that one day I'd get a file of someone I had to protect, and it would be Declan. I didn't expect that the person I had to protect him from, actually had some sort of henchmen working for him. I didn't even think that shit was remotely real. (I mean come on, who works for the evil guy willingly? They seriously did, because they really wanted to kill us.)

One day, we were running, on foot, (jumping on things though, otherwise they would've caught up to us) from the "henchmen". Fiona and Xander were with us. I didn't know how the attack started, or why they were sent at that time to come after us. I ended up getting the attention just on me and Declan, as we were running towards some cliffs, which I was quite familiar with, as they were a private area for me only. At the time, it was dark, past midnight, and I wasn't even sure of where we were running.

Fiona and Xander came out of nowhere, and grabbed Declan. The henchmen must have thought that one of their own had caught him, because they remained chasing after me. At the last second I realized where I was.

So I felt perfectly comfortable jumping off. You know, like a suicidal maniac.

What nearly no one else knew, was that there was a cave about forty feet down, not even halfway to the rocky bottom. I scraped and bumped alongside the cliff-side, and swung my legs inside of the hollow place. I was safe from harm. (Despite the bruises and scrapes I had experienced on the way down.) It was hard hearing the tortured scream "ROSE!" from above though. It distracted me for a quick second. Poor Declan.

"It's nice to see you again, Miss McCree." My eyes had widened in shock as I turned around. Since I had been going to the cliffs whenever I could leave my house alone, I supposed that maybe someone else could discover this place. I had been right, but you know, you typically see people like your enemies or simply people you don't know.

You just never expect to see your supposed-to-be dead uncle grinning at you like some crazy hungry monster.

And no, he was not a vampire. Those stories have just been run into the ground.

He's simply a semi-evil genius who faked his death about seven years prior.

"Uncle William?" I gasped, unable to move my feet, and unable to decide what I should have been feeling. (You just don't know what to think when someone you thought had been long dead just suddenly showed up in your life, right when you jumped off a cliff to save someone else.)

"Rose, I see you're still well. Learning from dear old Maxwell too," he said sweetly, but also in a creepy way. (Any man whose presence in a cave was unexpected was just a little creepy.)

"How do you know about Max?" Max was the man who adopted Xander, Fiona, and me. I hadn't exactly kept up contact with anyone either, so I had no idea how he knew.

"Old buddies. You must understand Rose, people with our blood have to stick together. We have a tendency to be acquainted with one another."

He meant people with a killer's blood. It doesn't run through families generation through generation exactly, more like there's a sprinkle of people with it here and there. Apparently my uncle had it. I already knew I had it. Max was teaching me how to control it.

"Did you come here to say hi then?" I asked, my voice shaking and mostly whispering. He shook his head, and stepped closer.

"I spoke with Maxwell earlier. You're 16 now, so I had to make the call. You're ready for the real schooling." I hadn't heard of any such thing. Max never mentioned anything like that.

"What schooling?"

"There are schools for everyone, dear. Even killers like us." I spent nearly every night as a fifteen year old doing my best to get out of school early and he wants me to go back to that torture? No!

"I didn't sign up for that you know. I won't do whatever you have in mind," I warned him. He chuckled, as if amused by my naivety. That was probably exactly what it was.

"Everybody at this school will be like you. They were once wallflowers with thoughts that needed to be hidden. Urges that needed to be held back. This would be rather fun for you," he informed me. He was being earnest, knowing that I needed more people surrounding me that understood me. I thought about Declan.

"I can't get away from Declan though. I have to go back up there and let him know I'm-" he cut me off, solemnly.

"I'm afraid you can't. We were going to fake your death anyway, because there's no way you can get out of this. Declan can't know you're alive." I shook my head, feeling my heart rate accelerate just the tiniest bit.

"He has to though. He deserves to know. Fiona and Xander deserve-" he once again stopped me from finishing my sentence.

"They'll be coming too," he spoke quietly. I stared at him for a second, before realizing that that wasn't surprising. They were like me, after all.

"When do I begin?" I whispered.

I spent a long time in that damp and dark place, learning more about my future. The future that I still didn't want any part of.

Xander and Fiona ended up "disappearing" too. They were relieved when they saw me, but rather put-out with me as well. I didn't blame them- I couldn't. I would have been too. Even if we weren't supposed to, we told each other what was going on, always.

It was off to the High-Leveled School of Assassins for the three of us. It was about three years of my life that were spent without happiness.

I got called into the office, right after the morning meeting where the headmistress lets us know what we were going to do that day. When she dismissed the rest of the students, she turned to me. I had been standing behind her, as well as Xander, because we were the "deadliest" students, therefore we were the top. None of it mattered to me. Almost nothing did anymore.

"Miss McCree, as our best senior, you will have the first assignment. You will make an example for everyone. You will come back when you are done, and you will hand the next assignment to the next person, and I'll do this with a few others. It's like a relay race, but not competitive. This is the last thing you need to do in order to graduate," she told me, her tight bun, pursed lips, and squared shoulders showing that she meant business. She always did.

The word graduate intrigued me. I had thought that this would never end, and while I had nearly given up hope that it would, the urge to relax my perfectly upright stance fled through me. I reached up and lightly clasped the folder she was holding out to me. I remained sitting in my seat while I silently opened up the folder.

I saw Declan's picture, and name first thing. I quit breathing, but I didn't dare make a sound. The headmistress explained.

"There has been a new bounty on his head. Since he has done nothing to deserve this, you must protect him. You will take down anyone who tries to hurt him. Understand?" I nodded swiftly. I would see my best friend again, even if he couldn't see me.

"You will be briefed as to how your mission will go later. Now is the time to pack." That wouldn't take me long. I didn't bring much.

Declan got up like it was just a normal day. He'd learned to deal with the pain of losing his best friend. He had other guy friends that he grew more fond of. He lived in an apartment building with a few other dorks as his neighbors. Life ended up being not so hectic, it was fun, and the pain wasn't always in the forefront of his mind.

He walked down the hall to the elevator, where he would push the button to go down to the lobby of his building, and see if his friends were ready to go hang-out somewhere. He pulled out his phone to do various things, and was just barely conscious enough of the real world to see a girl with the same body shape as a girl he once knew. He looked up, and sure enough, it was her. At first glance.

The girl did have the same body and face shape, but her eyes and hair were different. She had a couple of tattoos and a couple of piercings. She wasn't smiling at all, and her lips were set almost in a frown. She looked like Rose, could've been her twin.

"Excuse me," he said as he walked up to her. She didn't look at him. "I see that you're new here. What's your name?" She glanced up at him then, but nothing flickered in her eyes, she clearly didn't recognize him.

"Iris Rosalie Grey. You may call me Iris," she murmured. She looked back at the clipboard she was filling out the form to be a resident. She talked like a regular American, and had no hint of the Irish accent that he loved to hear.

"I'm Declan. Declan Anderson..." he trailed off, not knowing what to say to her. She didn't appear to care. He stood awkwardly in front of her. Then he started backing away.

"I guess I'll see you later then," he muttered. He was somewhat surprised to see her nod once.

"Bye, Declan."

Somehow, those words sounded weird to him.

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