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"Rose," Declan spoke in a guttural voice once Fiona and I had gotten back into the apartment. He said my name as he quickly strode towards me, grabbing my face and kissing me roughly. I was a bit stunned, and for more reasons than one. (The obvious one being I didn't see the rough kiss coming.)

The second being the animalistic way he was acting. It was very primal, and a little dark, slightly possessive. His skin, including his lips were a few degrees hotter than usual, and he held onto me tightly, almost like he was terrified of losing me (again). I suppose I shouldn't have been so shocked, considering what I had realized after I shot the crazy bastards.

When he pulled his lips back, he was still keeping me enclosed within his arms, his chin buried in my neck. It was a little uncomfortable. I turned back to look at Fiona, who I guess went to check on the children as soon as she came in, as I did not see her. She didn't see what sort of actions Declan just took. I was presently the only one who knew what was going on with Declan.

"I love you," he murmured against my neck, kissing once and then again. I ran a soothing hand through his hair, trying to calm him down. It only worked a little bit, an obvious observation as he tightened his hold on me.

"Everything is going to be okay now," I crooned to him, using a musky, sweet, low and soothing voice to say it. This voice was not something strictly me, it was a technique many female assassins used to seduce or almost control someone- their partner, maybe- in a situation similar to this. Our words would be the only things the other person could hear, and if we used the right words, the person would absorb them and listen to them. In this instance, the words calmed Declan down slightly, and the instinct he was facing now would slowly dissolve until he was his normal self again.

"Rose, I'll be in the next room with these two. I rented an apartment seeing as how I plan to stay at least for a while," Fiona's voice came from where the door was, five or six feet away. I heard the door shut, and I closed my eyes at the noise. I was alone to deal with Declan, and I had no one to share my thoughts about this encounter with.

"I love you, so much," Declan muttered, a bit more calmly this time. His touch wasn't near-searing hot anymore, but I knew just a few minutes of being near him would make me perspire just a bit. I kissed the top of his chest, which was the area my lips were level with. He needed to calm down.

"Let's go to my room," I murmured, tugging at his wrists enough for him to comply. Getting energy out was a good way of calming down. He put his hands around me and picked me up, carrying me and quickly bringing me to the bed, his hot lips attached to my skin before my back hit the comforter.

That feeling where your muscles were sore, but it was after a workout and it was just such a good burn, and you were rather proud that you were feeling it- I very much loved that feeling. I always aimed for that feeling when I was working out. It wasn't about burning off calories most of the time- it was about obtaining that feeling.

I woke up next to Declan that morning, having decided what my new favorite workout was.

Near smiling to myself, I slid out from Declan's arm which had been slung across my waist, and wandered out into the rest of the small apartment, tying my robe around me as I did so. I checked to see if there were any missed calls from Fiona or the headmistress on my burner phone. There were none, as I had presumed.

Now that the original mission I had been sent on was complete, I had an obligation to send my assigner word that I was finished with the job. I wouldn't back out of that. If I were to stay quiet, she would assume I was killed in the line of duty, and send someone else here to protect Declan, only to find that we were both alive and fine, the job done. I had to send her word that I was done. She would reply back with a time for a flight that would occur a few days later, as I was supposed to go back to her once everything was said and done.

This time- the only time I've ever been sent on a mission by her- I would not return. No, I was staying, and I could tell her this, and she would be angry. Or I wouldn't, and she would either send someone else to protect Declan, and we would be found, both alive. Upon finding this out, the headmistress would still be beyond infuriated. How dare I betray her?

"Rose, I- oh, you look refreshed," Fiona came in and interrupted herself. I blushed, even though I really didn't want to.

"Yeah, about...this, tell me what you needed to say, and then I need to tell you something," I told her, getting some instant tea ready for the both of us, and Declan whenever he woke up as well.

"Very well then. Since you finished your mission last night, I just wanted to know how you were going to deal with reporting it," she requested, sitting on the couch.

I explained to her the smart thing I should do, and we discussed what would happen once I told Headmistress Harrison that I would not be returning to the academy. Fiona seemed more worried about what would happen than I was. I told her that I was completely ready to graduate, and that I knew something must have been going on that none of us knew about- otherwise I wouldn't have gotten Declan's file.

"As long as you don't do something that would 'require' someone to kill you, then I'm alright," Fiona sighed, using air quotes around "require". Rules were rules, but Fiona didn't like them much. She was a lot like how my dad used to be- or so I've been told.

"Trust me, I've got this under control. I don't do anything without thinking about the consequences. Now, I need to tell you about something I've noticed with Declan," I whispered.

"What about me?" We turned our heads to see the person that I knew needed to be monitored as of that moment. I wasn't sure if he needed to be told, so I was hesitant in speaking. I decided that it would be a better idea to tell him.

"Declan sit down. There are some things you need to know about yourself, and your heritage." He slowly sat down, and when the two of them were listening I began.

Two weeks passed by. Fiona was due to leave in less than one, to return the toddlers back to their home. I had sent my mission-complete email to Headmistress Harrison, and I was yet to get a reply from her. I spent my time mainly with Declan, and we spent half of our time in the gym. Declan wanted to live up to his potential- in case there came a time where I couldn't live up to mine.

Our nights were always spent together, and those nights were times I truly enjoyed. Most of our nightly activities were more out of love and passion than the night that he nearly lost it. I was never disappointed.

"How do you manage to adapt to a name so easily? From what it sounds like, you only knew your new identity just a few days before you had to act on knowing it," Declan murmured to me one night, while we were falling asleep. He was playing with my fingers.

"You just start referring to yourself as that name in your head, you create a personality for that name, then a whole past, present, sometimes a future. You create a character. Then you just start acting like that character. You just become that name. It gets easier after just the first time, and you're able to do it faster. Yet you never lose who you really are- assassins tend to be a bit sentimental in somehow staying true to who they are." He nodded.

"Did you create any names during your 3 years at the academy?" he asked. I briefly thought back to the Artificial Identities class I took two years ago.

"Four. Iris Rosalie Grey was second on that list." He stared at me, and I presumed that he was thinking about the name. His next words would prove me right.

"Grey. You had to have your favorite color somewhere in there didn't you?" he smiled as he spoke. I blushed.

"The assignors are the ones that picked the name out of the four. I worried that with the name you might immediately knew who I was."

"I kinda did. You looked the same, minus the different hair and eye color, and the name. I wasn't completely sure. I had to go up to you- and when you spoke, your Irish accent was gone. You've gotten much better at hiding it, by the way."

"Well I try. It's really a matter of time and effort. It's a little watered down now, with hardly any effort," I admitted. He smiled, and closed his eyes. He was very close to sleep.

"I can always hear it in your voice- even when you hide it. There's always the slightest hint," Declan sighed as he fell into sleep.

"Rosaline Isabella Malana SHE'S COMING!" I heard Fiona scream as she entered my apartment. Both Declan and I bolted straight up, shocked out of our sleep.

"Shit," I breathed. I threw the blankets off and grabbed the nearest shirt- Declan's, he'll have to find another one- and put it on.

"What the hell do you mean, she's coming, Fiona?" I hissed, stumbling out of the room. She seemed frantic.

"The headmistress is coming. Today. I came in here, and just a few second afterwards her voice came through your answering machine. She'll be here in a matter of hours. She's come to collect you. She's come to collect you and Declan." I stopped what I was doing.

"What the hell do you mean she's coming to get Declan?" I demanded. She threw her hands up, as if she didn't know the details- which she didn't.

"She's probably figured out what we have. We have to make a plan," she groaned the second half of what she said. I rolled my eyes and scoffed. Declan came through the doorway and they both looked at me.

"Do you not know me? I always have a plan. Always. First though, we'll have to call a friend."

"She's coming," Fiona breathed next to me. I stared at the door to the apartment building. We were sitting on two chairs in the lobby. Declan was a little ways behind, hiding inconspicuously.

"I know. She's the base of our plan, remember?"

"I'm supposed to be in Atlanta. She'll be upset that I'm here."

"I requested back-up, and you were the only person I could trust. That's our story, Fee." She continued to fidget with her hands, and one twitched to her gun holster.

"Miss Iris Rosalie Grey. Miss Elaina Jade Clint. It's time for you ladies to return home to the academy," Headmistress Harrison spoke in her official tone and using our fake names as she arrived. Fiona and I stood up.

"I don't believe that plan is going to happen Mrs. Harrison. I'm rather fond of being here, thanks," I spoke back to her using my own official sounding voice.

"Miss Grey I'm not giving you an option."

"I'm not leaving."

"You're our top student. I would really like to see you come back. I would hate to have to use you as an example of treason."

"I would hate to use my top-student abilities against you, but I am not afraid to. Your means of coming here are useless."

"Excuse me?" She stepped forward, and so did I. Behind her, two of the top 10 through 20 students appeared. They were visibly ready to fight.

"You heard me. I am not leaving. Fiona is leaving for Atlanta in three days. Declan is staying here no matter what. Anything or anyone that tries to defy that will be met with my abilities. No one can best my abilities. You've said that yourself." Her lips pursed together. I was beginning to give her a headache.

"I'm afraid you leave me no choice then." She snapped her fingers, and the two agents stepped forward, only for the one on my right to be brutally knocked unconscious by Xander, who had been hiding by the entrance. Fiona ran and front-flipped forward to meet with the one on the left, and immediately began fighting with him. My eyes remained locked on the headmistress.

"You think I ever do things without a plan? Please. Fight me yourself, best me, and I'll consider leaving," I said firmly.

"You cannot train the boy- even if you stay he will have to come. He needs to be controlled," she growled, clearly frustrated.

"Yes, I can. I've always been more of a thinker, an analyzer, perfect for training others. Besides, you and I both know he's inherited the blood of a killer. You and I both know that his father is one of the top assassins ever lived. The stronger the blood the more control you have over your urges. Declan has an amazing sense of control- which would explain his late blooming. Once again, we both know, that Declan is more dangerous than anyone you personally have encountered.

"He also, is no more than twenty-five feet away. He just witnessed the serious attacks between your 'soldiers' and my siblings. He just witnessed violence. We both know what happens to him once whatever it is in his blood that urges him to kill has been triggered. Right now his eyes are getting shades darker by the second. The blood in his veins is getting hotter- hotness radiating from his body right this second. His anger is growing, he's growing impatient. He needs a way of getting all of this energy out- and his personal level of danger is so large that if he were to kill, no one would come out alive. No one on his team at least.

"We've been training him for 2 weeks, but you and I both know that that's not nearly enough time to teach him how to control himself. I could just use my sub-powering voice. Control his actions. Do you want to go down by the hands of an untrained and raw killer? The very people we were first taught to take down? You know he has an advantage. I've taught him all the advantages."

She stared at me coldly, and I smiled. I had won the argument. I knew that unless she had an even greater weapon- one that Declan, Fiona, Xander, and I couldn't take down, I had won. She pursed her lips again, stuck her nose in the air. It was a sign of self-reassurance, to make herself feel better after a loss. I smirked- not a smile, not a proper one. A smile of bitchiness and winning.

"Show me what the boy can do." She wanted to see for herself? She'd be amazed.

Declan clenched and unclenched his fists calmly. Rose had told him to keep his eyes fixated on the woman in the boring grey suit that would come into his view in three-two-...one. Her cold dead eyes were the first things he saw. He flinched as he felt a wave of something course through him- in a diagonal direction.

He couldn't hear her speak. He couldn't hear Rose speak. Rose was staring just as deadly and strongly at this woman as the woman was at her. It was like a mental battle between the two of them. Declan felt himself focus in, and details became more clear. He saw Fiona inch the tiniest bit closer to the door. He saw a leaf move, a leaf that was attached to a plant Xander was hiding behind.

Then he was distracted and near startled seeing two more agents appear at the entrance of the apartment building. He saw Rose's face briefly and was attacked by the urge to protect. He clenched and unclenched his fists a little more angrily now.

Suddenly Xander appeared, punched the crap out of the right guy. Fiona leaped and flipped forward to take down the one on the left. Punch, punch, red blood. Anger. His muscles coiled and he needed to move.

He wanted- needed to snap a neck. He had to protect Rose, humanity- get that woman away from her. He was starting to become hotter, his hands were burning. His arms were burning, neck, face, stomach, and legs. He began to shake. He was so freaking angry. All he needed was a command.

Then Rose spoke up loud enough for him to hear. An underlying hypnotic tone to her words was heard only by the people the message was meant for. Just him.

"Declan, come closer." His feet were moving before he realized it. His eyes never strayed from the threat- the woman. He was angry, but he couldn't move. His jaw was locked, his eyes were burning, and his breathing was just simply controlled, like he knew what could happen but was unfazed by it.

"Declan, breathe like you want." His chest started to move up and down rapidly and his breath was constant and hot.

"Declan, relax your shoulders." They dropped and it was like he could finally let go- his anger was half gone.

"Declan shout." A loud sound that came from everywhere- his gut, chest and throat erupted from his mouth, echoing from the inside of his cheeks. He seemed to see everything but it was like a dream- or a nightmare. He couldn't step closer to the retreating figures of the woman and wounded agents.

"Declan do what you need to calm down." He turned ninety degrees to the right and pulled Rose up to him and kissed her like one would breathe after spending two minutes underwater. She was his oxygen.

He pulled her tighter and tighter until his muscles couldn't take the pressure and let go of everything- he pushed himself back. Panting, he looked up off the ground and to her face.

"Rose, I love you," he breathed. Then she smiled.

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