I miss the way you'd hold me

I miss hearing your voice

I miss everything about you

But I never had a choice

I miss holding your hand

I miss seeing you smile

I wish that I could see you

But it's going to be a while

I miss the way you'd tell me

That you miss me every night

I miss the way you'd kiss me

I miss the way we'd fight

I miss hearing your laughter

I miss your stupid voice

I hope someday you'll realize

That you can make a choice

To miss the way I'd hold you

To miss the way I'd smile

To miss everything about me

Even though it's been a while

Or you could just forget me

You could let me fade away

You could find some body better

And you would never hear me say

I'll never say I missed you

I'll never say I cared

I'll never let them know

About the love that we both shared

I'll never ever tell them

That I never let you go

I'll never let them see me

No I'll never let it show

So I'll dream about you darling

And I'll see you in my dreams

And when both of us are ready

We can stitch up all our seams

Until the day you find me

I'll be waiting in the dark

And on the day you find me

We can light the spark

Until the day you find me

I'm going to fall apart

And I know I can't forget

The way you broke my heart

The way you left me shattered

Left me crying all alone

I never let you see it

I was silent as a stone

So I'll miss the way we were

I'll miss how you were mine

And I'll pretend you miss me

And maybe I'll move on in time