Paste your document here...Your existence is like no other. No one makes my heart beat fast like you do. So why? Why did you not realize this?

I tried to form my love in words and actions but nothing could express the way I felt when I saw you smile, or how you would laugh, or even when you just said "Hi"

My heart ached when I saw you with other girls and my heart plummeted when I saw you kiss your girlfriend.

People might call you a playboy but I never minded. I hoped that one day you'd see that I was waiting patiently for you to see me as something more.

Not to just see me as just a friend but someone you held special in your heart. Someone that you'd never let go of.

As my love grew stronger I had to tell someone, anybody. But I felt in my heart that I truly I had to tell you and nobody else. And I thought maybe you would felt the same way.

I told you, I sold my heart to you, I folded up my doubts and let my feelings free.


You were always nice so you just said sorry and left. My heart shattered before me and as I watched you retreating figure I fell apart.

My soul and life purpose vanished and only tears came.

Words disappeared and even after all of this I still love you.

Yes, my love for you is still as strong. I will hang onto this tiny thread of hope that lies in my heart and wait.

Wait for you to see that my love will never fade. My love cannot break nor will it bloom any further.

So please come back and let me give you every ounce of my strong unwavering love.