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He had a remarkable smile. I think what attracted me most about Carter was his smile, but it didn't hide that undeniable fact. He was bad. A delinquent, no wonder he was so desired and sought after by all the girls in the school.

A delinquent, and I was a school captain. He had unusual white hair and eyes of the palest blue. Several piercings adorned his face; his ears, chin and eyebrows. Despite his rough appearance, his face had a somewhat rounded and childish shape.

Carter was known to argue with teachers often and he got into many fights at the school. I once heard a teacher tell him he was smart, but because he never applied himself he wouldn't make it into any advanced classes. Me and Carter had been in the same school since fifth grade.

We had never spoken to one another, except for his first day at my school. He was the kind that made as much friends as enemies while I was always quiet and reserved, terrified of someone like him. We were in our senior year at Adelaide High School. Most of my classes were advanced so I had stopped seeing him.

There was only one subject I did bad enough in to be in the lowest class. I walked through the doorway into English, on time as usual.

"Hi," I greeted my teacher. Mr. Gardiner taught a lower class after all, so he wasn't use to polite students. This made me basically his favourite student.

"Good afternoon, Henry." I took a seat by the front row. I looked very different to Carter as well. While he had pale hair and eyes, my hair was black and my eyes were almost as dark. His skin was tanner than mine and I had no piercings.

Later into the lesson he arrived, I peeked at him through my long fringe. I was basically Mr. Gardiner's favourite student, but so was Carter.

"Afternoon Carter. Running a bit late?" Flashing that smile I loved, revealing white teeth.

"Sorry, sir." Carter never smiled at teachers before, but Mr. Gardiner was like a breath of fresh air for him.

Most teachers gave up on him, but our English teacher could see something I was sure only a few people, myself included, could see. Inside Carter was a kind person. Despite that English was my worst subject, it was my favourite class. There was only one major problem with it.

Carter was not alone. After he walked in, connected by their hands, his girlfriend trailed in after him. Beautiful and flicking her long brown hair, Lydia followed her boyfriend to the back of the classroom. I knew Carter liked this class because he never missed a lesson, even though he often came late.

It was almost not worth seeing him with her attached to him like that. It was a constant reminder that he was into women. Someone like me would repulse him. It didn't help that he was so popular with girls, too. Mr. Gardiner started his lesson.

People talked amongst themselves but he didn't care as long as he saw us writing. I thought deeply to myself about the boy behind me. We never spoke to each other since that day, but I felt that I knew him so well. I was there to see him struggle through primary, middle and high school. His whole life had seemed like a struggle to me.

Battling with his teachers, and undoubtedly battling with problems outside of school and at home. When he wasn't aware that someone was watching him, and his guard was down, I could see a different side of him. I wonder if Lydia got to see that part of him.

I doubted it, but if she did she was extremely lucky. What I would give to have him willingly show me that gentle and weak piece of himself that only existed deep within. What attracted me most about him was his smile, but it was for this reason that I loved Carter.

I could hear the two of them whispering from behind me and Lydia's high-pitched giggles. I barely paid attention to what the teacher was explaining, until I heard him mention 'group project'. My head snapped up.

Oh no, I thought. I had no friends in this class, meaning I was going to be partnered with whoever was left over. Most likely it would be someone annoying.

"You'll be pairing in teams of three." Too fast for me to keep up, students were already moving around to sit with friends.

It was pointless. I didn't know anyone enough to try to join a group. When the cluster of students gradually dissipated, there was only two other people who hadn't bothered to stand up. Mr. Gardiner noticed this.

"Henry you'll be partnered with Lydia and Carter."

Why? I thought feebly. Why did this have to happen to me? I turned to look at the back of the room. Lydia was staring at me with her soft brown eyes in mild curiosity. Carter looked up to meet my eyes, his expression was unreadable.

I had always been good at looking emotionally void, so I was sure I looked the same as he did staring at me.

"This research task will involve work outside of class as well. So it's up to all of you to organise homework sessions."

Carter and his girlfriend weren't going to move to the front of the classroom, so I started to gather my things. I picked up my bag and walked towards the back of the room, my heart started beating faster. Carter was looking at the desk while Lydia smiled towards me politely.

I pulled out the seat next to the white haired teen and sat, dumping my things onto the desk in front of me.

"Hi," I said awkwardly.

"Hi," Lydia said brightly.

Maybe she was happy because she thought I was the type of person that she could make do all the work, while she and her boyfriend did nothing. Carter seemed lost in thought and didn't reply to my greeting. I remembered he was a delinquent, and decided I should be careful.

Even though I was taller than him, I had heard Carter use to beat up Year 12 students while he was still in Year 10. Considering I had never been in any form of physical conflict before, I knew he'd have more experience than me in a fight.

All through the lesson while Mr. Gardiner explained the research task he was giving us, my thoughts were elsewhere. Not somewhere far away, specifically they were situated at the desk next to me. Carter had shown no reaction that he was happy I would be working with him at all. This is going to be fun, I thought sarcastically.

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