The Wait

I lay down and cry silently

as my life turns darker

Wishing I had a magic wand

but I'm no Harry Potter

Feeling sad

feeling depressed

Dreamt of a life of excitement

like stories of the west.

Then I met you,

then I became grey

This is not me

I have lost my way

So I go out

and try to find a friend

Hiding this feeling

I must pretend

Coming back home,

Sleeping with no bed mate.

I needed you to come back.

How long need I wait?

In the morning,

you arrive.

I wanted a hug,

as you said your goodbyes.

Becoming less,

to stubborn to die.

But as the week went on

finally, I realize.

I no longer need you.

Have I found me?

I found a new life

My soul is free