On a hot summer morning, a house was boiling under the merciless sun.

Crap, I don't want to step outside at all. Why is it so hot today?

On my bed, right after I had woken up, I reorganised my thoughts about the new high school that I had to be transferred to. I don't want to go to a new school...

I sniffed and repositioned the tissue that was lodged inside both of my nostrils. Although the fan was turned on, it did no help to the massive nosebleed I had at that time. Why can't we get an air conditioner here? And why is it so damn hot? Agh!

The temperature was unbearably hot and made me contemplate in moving around just so that I could get some cool air around my skin. In turn, I rolled around my bed until I realised that there was sweat all over the sheets. Eventually I got up and placed my bum on the floor. I sat there and stared into space.

"Crap, now I'm dizzy and it's even hotter now", I grunted, "What time is it? I need to go to school soon shouldn't I?"

I glanced at my red clock on the wall and to my nonexistent horror, it was already midday. Oh yeah, it's already noon. Hah, I might as well skip the first day. No biggie. Absolutely none.

The thought was not sarcastic.

Honestly, I was a person riddled with laziness.

School? Do I really need to bother? As long as I thoroughly passed the tests, my family had no problems with it.

I kept my mind straight with the idea that there was no need to go to school unless it was for the grades.

Socialise? What's that? There was no need to socialise.

At least for me it wasn't. I wasn't the type to be socially awkward either, I had the ability to converse with people and get things done straight way even with complete strangers.

If it is necessary, then it must be done. If it's not, then don't bother.

Eventually, I got bored of the empty space that I stared at so I stood up, walked towards my drawer, opened it and gazed at the advertising pamphlet for my new school. I was meant to read this several days ago, but as the lazy kind of person that I was, I simply left it to rot inside my drawer.

It was necessary for me to at least know what the school's name was, so, with my head feeling fuzzy, I read out the first line that appeared across the pamphlet.

"Garen Boarding High School? Hm? I haven't heard of this name before..."

I reread the pamphlet. Wait, not Garen but...G-Gardenia? Gardenia Boarding High School? Are you kidding me? Originally, I thought that my dad had planned to send me off to some random school in the countryside, but not Gardenia High School. I heard that school was for the really weird kids, and by really, I meant super really!

However, Gardenia High wasn't just for the weird kids. I also heard that it was a gathering for the extremely rich and egoistical kids as well!

I gasped. My body froze as I stared at the paper with dejection.

Oh dad, I know I'm weird, but I'm not that weird!

Suddenly, blood appeared on the paper, along with the tissue in my nose. My fan croaked intensely due to the loose screws. My heart was beating fast.

I closed the pamphlet along with the tissue in it, and threw it into the nearby bin. I then walked towards my fan and turned it off with a complaint "Stupid little...stupid machine! Stupid dad!"

I used my hand to squeeze my nose tightly to prevent the further exit of blood and yelled for my dad so that he and I could have a very long talk, "Dad!"

However, there was no reply.

I yelled again, louder and with a lower tone, "Dad!"

Just what is he up to?...Oh man, don't tell me he's in trouble?

Plagued with annoyance, I stormed off like an angry elephant downstairs towards the living room where my dad was.

"Dad! What's wrong? If it's those guys again just stop giving them money, I mean, do you seriously-!"

However, before I could finish my sentence, I observed the room and saw five males, three neatly dressed in black and two in white. A cold air filled the room and tickled my spine. W-What the heck? Was there a meeting here or something?

I wasn't able to make up what their faces look liked as I was just bewildered with the contrast between the cold atmosphere and the actual, physically hot temperature. Everything was just a blur.

"I-I-I-u-u-uh," I stuttered, "Nice weather today isn't it? Tehee!"

Silence filled the room. If there was a way to measure the level of awkwardness like the level of hotness on a thermometer, then this situation would've made the red part of the device shoot off. However, unfortunately, the only substance that shot off was the blood from my nose as my tissue fell out.

Filled with utter embarrassment, I quickly covered the blood with my hand and ran straight back to my room. A loud bang was heard as I closed my room's door. N-Nice weather? That was all you could've thought of? Great, you're awesome me...what about all those social skills you said you claimed to have? Heck!

Suddenly, I noticed a strange sensation within me and placed my hand on my chest. It wasn't exactly beating too fast but every beat of my heart felt like it had a squeezing sensation to it. I felt like fainting.

Why am I getting so worked up about this? Usually, I would be calmer, with that stoic face I would put on in front of everyone...

As I stared at my room, I noticed that it had an odd, wave-like movement to it.

Wow, the room's melting...I wonder if I'm also melting?

As my surroundings blurred, perhaps my brain had floated outside of my skull, as if there were ants in my blood biting my skin from the inside. Perhaps my lungs had completely shrivelled up and became dried like a dried plum fruit. Perhaps my eyes were simply two, small water balloons.


Eventually, I blacked out.

Awoken by the warm light that seeped through the windows, and bird noises, I slowly opened my eyes. Boy, the ceiling sure looks great today doesn't it?

My backed leant against the door, perhaps in the same position that I had my black-out from. I surmised that nobody had at least bothered to move me on to my bed. Well, both me and my dad are lazy as heck, so why would he even bother anyway? Heck! Your child just fainted, yep, just leave her alone...not!

Nonetheless, I swept the angry thoughts aside, got up and head towards the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and had a quick shower, and during that shower I decided to pretend that whatever happened on the day before had never happened.

Yep, it was all just a dream, it never happened, and I was never there.

I contemplated that the event was entirely coincidental.

It would never happen again, those five guys were merely strangers. I would never see them again. Never.

After that I head to the kitchen, and I found my dad occupied with the stove.

"Dad, when am I leaving for school?"

I eyed my dad's back, then walked closer towards him to see what he was up to. I peeked beside his shoulder and noticed two fried eggs. It sizzled in the frying pan.

With a slight note of reflection, the man hummed to himself, "Hm..."

"Uh, dad?"

"After breakfast."

Nonchalantly, I also hummed in acknowledgement to his answer and walked towards the table. I sat on one of the chairs and questioned, "So, what about the luggage?"


Dad flipped the eggs and finally answered,"It's all done and readily placed in your dorm room, " he then placed the eggs on to the two plates, grabbed some cutlery, and walked towards the table.


"No problem."

He placed the objects on the table. I eyed the egg for a couple of seconds, and eventually lifted the fork and stabbed the orange part.

If I was any other person I would've been at least annoyed about being forced to go to a new school, and not to mention being kicked out of the house to live inside a dormitory. However, I'm good with going along with the flow, so there's no problem!

"Don't play with your food."


After breakfast, I dressed in my new uniform and stared at my absolutely, fantastic visage on the mirror; it was the image of a girl with pale skin, dark circles under a pair of stoic grey eyes, which were hidden behind a large, black, rectangular glasses. Yep. Perfect.

However, despite my fantastic countenance, the school uniform was pretty cute. It had a silky, white dress that went down to the knees, a small dark green jacket with the gardenia flower as the logo, and a pair of leather boots of the same colour.

As I compared my wonderful face with the beautiful uniform, I mused, "How horrific".