On a hot summer morning, a house was boiling under the merciless sun.

Crap, I don't want to step outside at all. Why is it so hot today?

On my bed, right after I had woken up, I was reorganising my thoughts about the new high school that I had to be transferred to for a really strange reason. Although the fan was turned on, it wasn't doing any help to the massive nosebleed I had at that time, nor did it do anything to my unstoppable sweat glands that wouldn't stop making me sweat like an embarrassed nerd trying to ask out the hottest girl at school. I stared at the ceiling panting in agony. Why can't we get an air conditioner here? Argh! Why is it so hot?! I knew that I shouldn't be moving around too much but the temptation in me had taken over and due to that, I starting rolling around at least a hundred times on my bed, later, stood up and spun around in circles in my room - just because I could, and probably because I was just plain out frustrated about that annoying weather. After, I immediately dropped straight on to the floor and laid down, back to staring at the ceiling.

"Crap, now I'm dizzy and it's even hotter now. Argh, what time is it? I need to go to school soon shouldn't I?"

I glanced at my red clock on the wall and to my horror, it was already midday. Wait, what?! I knew it! I knew that it was too hot to be in the morning. Crap, I need to go to school!

Since I never really had any friends, my room was a pig's pen. I never cleaned it since the beginning of summer holidays. Anyways, while trying to ignore all the scattered clothes and papers on the floor, I slowly stood up in exasperation and searched for my school pamphlet.

I was still somewhat dizzy and half asleep, perhaps, and then I read out the front of the paper, "Garen Boarding High School? Hm? Why would dad send me-"

After I had adjusted my eyes, something inside me had ticked. G-Gardenia? Gardenia Boarding High School? What? But, I never... Originally, I had thought that my dad would just send me off into some random prestigious high school with a somewhat high academic rates or what ever, but not Gardenia High School. My body froze in shock for that moment. I was standing still, unable to move for a long couple of seconds, staring at the paper. I would've moved but I couldn't.

Suddenly, blood dropped on to the paper, along with the tissue in my nose, and my fan started creaking intensely. I flinched and was right back to conscious with my heart beating like a conga drum at some festival concert due to the previous unexpected events.

"Stupid little..." I quietly groaned in annoyance as I turned off the fan. While wiping off the blood from my nose, "Dad!" I yelled. No reply though. Second time in a louder voice, unpleasant and an oddly lower tone, "Dad!"

I rolled my eyes. Argh, what is he up to?...Oh man, don't tell me he's in trouble? And immediately ran down the stairs like an elephant, lazily, dropping the pamphlet on the ground on my way and in to the living room where my dad was, "Dad! What's wrong? If it's those guys, stop giving them money, I mean, do you seriously-!"

After I had noticed my rudeness, and the loud ruckus I had made earlier, I realised that I was in a really awkward and uncomfortable position. In my living room, there were five men, dressed in black and two, dressed in white. A suspicious air filled the room and tickled up my spine. My body froze in total shock, yet again.

"I-I-I-u-u-uh," I stuttered, " Nice weather today isn't it? Hehe..."

Silence filled the room and the awkwardness level had just got up even higher than it was suppose to. Next thing I knew, blood just had to creep it's way out from my nose. I quickly covered it up in utter embarrassment and then ran straight back to my room. A loud bang was heard from my door as I closed it. N-Nice weather? That was all you could've thought up of? Great, you're awesome...me...ARGH!

I had always thought that my parents had joined the mafia. Seriously, sometimes, they would act really suspiciously, like, suddenly looking around themselves and running into an empty street, then into an alleyway and then disappear just like that! Yes, I followed them, but that wasn't the point. The point was that at that time I was just really confused about those dodgy looking men in my living room, and that it was really a weird and embarrassing encounter.

I placed my hand on my chest to feel my heart beat. It was beating at the level of a G-6 or something. Seriously, I felt like fainting. Why am I getting so worked up about this? Usually, I would be calmer, with that stoic face I would put up to everyone...Argh, I'm so dizzy...Yeah...I think this is just a dream.

The surroundings felt like a blur and my brained seemed like it had stopped functioning. I felt like the whole room was spinning, and that my body was freakishly hot. It felt like there were ants biting me under my skin, in my blood and especially, in my lungs. It was that hard to breath. What happened next? I wasn't quite sure, but I knew that I had eventually fallen unconscious.

I was awoken in the next morning by the birds chirping ever so loudly outside my windows, still on that same position on the floor next to the door. I glanced back up to the clock. It was around 5 A.M. The room felt cooler than usual. Wow, so it was a dream! Yay! I got up, brushed my teeth and went to the living room, still feeling uncomfortable about what I thought had happened was just a dream.

"Hey, Dad, um..."

"Yeah, Lydia, we're going out to your new school at six, be ready by then," he replied dully, while reading the newspaper.

"Uh, um , you never told me that I had to go to a boarding school, not Gardenia High...I mean, I didn't even pack,"

"Well, get ready then. You should find your new uniform in the bathroom. Oh, and don't pack."

"Well, can I at least ask where the school is?"

He placed the paper down and heads to the kitchen, ignoring my question.

Argh, fine, fine, just ignore me huh? Wait, so that did happen! Crap!...What ever...My usual manner had gone back to normal. It seemed as though I could finally composed my emotions properly again. I sighed in relief. Okay, time to Get ready.

The school uniform wasn't that bad, it was simple yet fashionable. It consisted of a white dress, a small dark, green jacket and boots up to the knee, both having that flower, gardenia, logo located on some place of the item. To be honest, it looked quite befitting for me but, somehow, it wasn't really my type of clothing.