So, somehow Drake was in the teacher's office, which wasn't surprising, and for the first time in years, I was in the lowest class. Could things get any weirder? Yes, it did. Things got weirder. For the first time in my life, I really believed that I had no talent for something.

When I arrived at the classroom of Light 9, it looked extremely weird. Around twenty people here were in all ranges, from nerds to delinquents to extremely weird people that I didn't know how to classify.

Anyway, so after class started I expected everyone to be in their seats but no, only the few people did that, including me. The rest simply continued doing whatever they were doing. I basically sat there and played with my fingers until a teacher came in.

The teacher was a man in a black suit, he was bold and his skin was tanned. His strong and unwavering expression reminded of a navy general. His body was packed and built.

"Alright class, time to get back to work", he said politely. Some students ignored him. "Get your bottoms and glue them on to those chairs!"

The chattering in the class stopped.

Hey, why is he staring at me like he wants to eat my soul? I wanted to show him that I meant no harm, so I smiled.

"Hey, you, the girl with the glasses over there, what's your name?" he asked.

The whole classed paused and stared at me, "Lidya Hammond, sir".

"Oh, well if it isn't the Lidya Hammond, the top student. Show us some demonstration on how the Light magic works,"

"...Yes sir."

I'm a student that's in the lowest-level class, so he knows that I'll obviously mess up. He's trying to humiliate me.

"Come here", he said, pointing his hands towards the front of the class.

I went to where he pointed, "Sir, how does Light magic work?" I asked. Seriously, let's just get this over and done with.

"Imagine the brightest thing in the world, the warmest, the most happiest memories you've had."

"The brightest...the most happy," I mumbled.

"...and put them in your hands,"

"...and put them in my hands..."

I placed my hands out, and silently stared at it. Nothing happened.

"Sir, how exactly do I do that?" I asked.

"Imagine them in your hands, like you're holding it."

How can I hold memories? They're not even tangible. Is he stupid? I tried doing what he said but, again, nothing happened.

It was already ten minutes so the teacher stopped me while sighing, "Alright, you can go back now, it's embarrassing to watch, seriously, this is the easiest thing on the book. I'll demonstrate", he said.

Congrats. You've humiliated a fifteen-year-old. How does that feel, stupid old prick?!

I quickly walked back to my seat while clenching my fists.

"By the way teacher, what's your name?" said one of the students.

"Me? Don't you recognise me?" he said. The class fell silent.

Heh, serves you right for being so full of yourself!

"Ahem, I am the Amazing Alzeraja William Kezlar, yes, that is my last name but you can call me Mr Kezlar." He paused and stared at me again, "Unless you have no talent and imagination like that top student, Lidya Hammond, try practicing what I said."

Mr Kezlar then placed his hands together, and slowly moved them away, revealing a shining white ball. He then clapped his hands together and the light disappeared.

"Now try it yourself," he said to the class with a warm smile, but then looked at me and stopped smiling.

This is getting really annoying. Even if you say that, it's not like everyone will suddenly...

I was wrong. The whole class had managed to make the lights appear inside their hands. My eyes felt like they would pop.

Maybe I really don't have any talent for this.

I lowered my eyes to the ground.

Stop it Lidya, you can't cry over something like this.

Everyone around me were playing around with their glowing balls. They were giggling around themselves, amazed by their own achievements. Meanwhile, I was the only one that couldn't do it. My body became heavy from being the odd-one-out.

Why do I have to feel this again?

After the Light Class, everyone, apart from me, started forming their own friendship groups. Meanwhile, I was at the corner of the room reading theory books about how to conjure Light.

Mr Kezlar approached me and said, "For most people, it's easier to imagine them in your hands but for you, I guess you'll have to go into some serious theory studying. So keep reading those books", he sighed, "at the very least, you're not the first student I saw like this".

I was now the only one in class. While everyone was still here, I didn't want to look like I was doing nothing, so I grabbed an old-looking book from the shelf without thinking carefully. Since I had already sat down, I couldn't be bothered to stand up and to get a newer book.

Whatever. Let's just read this...

In a place in the universe, Light was born at the same time as Shadow but with the same amount of power, but both wanted to be stronger than the other.

Millions of years later humans evolved. Humans wanted power, so they decided to join a side they believe was stronger. Thus the Light and Shadow War took place in the world, which lasted for thousands of years. Eventually, the war had shed so much blood to the point that people would see red almost everyday, so the war was then called Scarlet War.

Light and Shadow was commonly used by humans, soon those powers were experimented throughout the times. The world became a bloodbath. It was until a goddess named Erin made Light and Shadow fuse together—so that they'll never fight again. She then told everyone that their powers would be shared equally. That was why all humans are capable of using both Light and Shadow. It was said that if a being does not have shadow then they do not have light. If a being does not have light then they will not have a shadow, and due to Erin's Law, they will cease to exist.

...Wait, what?