Password...Password...pass...word! This school is a mad house. No, literally, it doesn't make any sense, what I thought there was..No one bothered to go to the most luxurious room on the highest floor and set up their own password? Wait, maybe I was the mad person? To actually thought that I actually wanted someone to be guilty here. Seriously, I am weird.

Time to think of what the password should be...

I put my fingers on the hologram and typed in my password like it was a keyboard.


The door opened and made a creaking, usual, door sound. Finally, some rest. I walked in the room, shut the door, and slammed my face on the bed, that made my nose hurt.

"Huh? Red?"

I saw a bit of red on the cover sheet, and realized that my nose were bleeding, probably from the nose collision, plus the heat since it's summer right now and it's still hot, even this early in the morning.

Luckily, I coincidentally found a box of tissue on top of the small, dark cupboard, that had the booklet thingy that just turned my life the other way. I took a few tissue and stuffed it up my nose. I turned around and laid my back on the bed. I'm going to have a nap, just a little nap...

A thought, just a thought, it seemed like I was expecting this to happen, maybe that was why I wasn't surprised of what's happening to me at all. Why am I like this? I remembered that way back in Year 6, I was playing dodge-ball and the ball hit me, right on my face, and I didn't feel a thing. Is that normal? I don't have a lot of preference since I have no friends.

Yeah, it seemed like the thing called friends never trusted me, maybe it wasn't a friend, but I don't care about it anymore. I think I'm losing my senses, there are times when I don't even want to give a crap about the world, it's just weird. Wait. Maybe I'm finally reaching my puberty! Yeah! I actually wanted to have a boyfriend for once! Wait, I just released that I'm a recluse, this won't be an easy job.

"Ahahaha, you're cute!" said a voice, the same voice I heard when I was in that white place.

"Oh, it's you, um, hi,' I replied awkwardly.

"Hello, you actually recognize my voice? That's awesome! Most beings in here except for Shadow don't recognize me!"

"Really? For some reason, even though I can't tell if you're a guy or a girl, I can still tell that it's you, is this what they call fate?"

"Sorry, I'm taken, ehehee, wink, wink, nudge, nudge!" I could tell that it's trying to make a joke, but it's really weird when I talk to someone who doesn't have a body.

"So, this is my dream right?"

"Your dream? I guess you could take it that way, but I should tell you that this isn't a dream,"

"Then, where is this?"

"A place,"

"A place?"

"Yeah, it's a place!" with an enthusiastic tone.

"Huh, why so happy?"

"You can tell?!"

"Yeah, I guess. But why so happy when you said the word place?"

"Well, actually this isn't really a place, it's really like a wasteland, but well there's no waste, there's just...Here, there's just...nothing, just endlessly nothing"

"You sure? I mean, well, there's a white color, there's you and there's me here,"


"Don't you ever get lonely? "

"Lonely? I guess, but I heaven't met anyone in a very long time, I use to count human years, but I can't even bother now, there's just too many, I don't think I have any emotions of 'lonely' right now..."

"Oh, then, is it fine if we be friends?"

"Huh, friends? I guess, but I'm not too sure of when you'll be back here again, I'm not sure if you'll be long enough to live that long either, but then..."

"Yeah, then?"

"Nevermind that, lets be friends!"



My eyes suddenly opened and felt sore because it opened too sudden.

My Right now is 8:32 AM, well, time to get ready for class.

I slowly got up, so that hopefully I won't get a muscle pain, grabbed my books, put them in my bag, got more properly dressed and last but not least, my glasses and put them on my face.

Yep, I'm ready!

I checked my time-table on my SmartKi...

Lets is TrĂ­ti, so, first period is Alchemy 1B

Alchemy, eh? In my previous school I was not the best at it but I wasn't the worst either, you could say that it was one of the subject that I'm quite low in, I actually aced all the other subjects. That's sad. I guess I can't be perfect at everything.

Right, time to go to class, finally, I've always wanted to know what a prestigious school class looks like! I'm actually quite excited!

My parents care too much about money, so I've always relied on my scholarship and get money from magazine prices. It seemed like I've never relied on my parents, not that they've relied on my either. What am I thinking?

I got outside of my room, and could see a lot of people in the hall, probably on their way to classes now. I walked to the elevator, yep this time, I'll use the elevator-wait, what's this?

Elevator brocken, please use the stairs

Hmm, it seemed like this school is literally against me.

I took a turn and head for the stairs with the three statues. Why do we need two stairs in the first place? I bet the both lead the same way down. Since the story about the Light and Shadow thing says about the girl's being right, I'll go on the right.

Since I'm bored, I'll count the stairs on my way down, and also to get myself occupied because I have no friends...hopefully yet.

What I've realized from this school is that every door is full of passwords and that this whole place is filled with electronics. If this place had so many electronics, then why are there stairs? Darn, stairs, everywhere!

"Hey, hey, have you heard? that girl way on top of the class," said a voice from a passing by person.

"Yeah, that Lidya girl? I think she's at the top of the school!" said yhe passer-by's friend.

"I know right? I think her tests scores are even higher than a Teleios!"

"That's just, like, impossible! She is so ,obviously, like, cheating!"

I paused.

Them girls, one of the gossipers type, they just don't care of anyone passing by them, it's like their doing it on purpose. It's annoying but if I step in, it's obviouse that I'll get in trouble.

I continued walking down the stairs ahead of them.

These words, impossible, obviously and's not like it's my first time hearing them, I actually hear it a lot but when they're said together in the same sentence, especially if it's about me, I can't help but get extremely annoyed. Those girls, I don't want to, but I'll just leave them be, I've tried doing it many times in the past, but it just seemed like I always lose when ever I'm in an argument, I just never make the right words to come out.

I'm here, the bottom, finally. According to my other brain(I'm a genius at counting by the way), there were 80 steps. So this building, is actually around 78 meters tall! So that jump this morning was more than 30 meters! Maybe I do need a real glasses now! Or maybe I was half asleep. Or maybe my puberty took over, but wait, two guys ran across my bathroom today, and I did not get embarrassed, even if it wasn't real. Maybe I didn't hit my puberty.

Ah, maybe I did hit puberty because I'm currently thinking about it every ten seconds. This is really weird.

Yay! I'm finally out of that human maze! Literally Human Maze! There were like too many people bunched up and they just talk all like there was no end to it.

Okay, I'm out, now is the time to find my class...but wait, this doesn't look like the front of the Girls' Dorm, this looked just like-

SmartKi is like an iPhone, except, it can do many, many things, that the iPhone you know can't do. Eheheheheeee.