Smile Oft In Doubt

When life turn its back on you and you have nowhere to shoulder on,
When the treaties you made for peace malingers 'till oblivion,
Worry not, find a place free to shout
The only thing that would counter it is to smile when in doubt

Like milking cows your woes come,
See to it that it will be not troublesome
Trials come to test the strong,
The adversary comes to destroy what you own

Leak a tear if that is your will
But then strike a smile after to seek more thrills
Corruptors shall come to demean your existence
Smile at them, kill them with benevolence

Dark clouds may come to shroud your sunny day
The gloom may consume the land where the light strikes its array
They may say a storm shall be on its way,
Smile at them, infest their mind with all their worries to slay

Keep a key in case your anger starts to ignite its envy
Lock it deep within, not in your heart, but deep in the chasms of the earth
Free it but let it not enter again
Keep it not even close for anger is not your friend

All your peers might turn their back on you
Your blood may start to boil in your veins,
Smile for I testify that it is true
When done devoid of stimuli, red will turn to blue

Let love stay where it should,
In the heart, in mind, give it intently and you shall see to define good,
Tidings and everything shall come splendid
If you smile oft in doubt and part all your hatred as I did,