The Man Who Sang Farewell To His Doom

Another tale shall be written down and as his story goes,
I will tell you how he eradicates his chain of woes
He sang farewell at the fortnight of doom,
He is a splendid man I wot, I assume

He waited patiently at his cellar
Bit his tongue, soaked in sweat that started from his jugular
He pried to his left and right with sockets outlining his widened eyes
It dilated, he was scared, he was consuming his conscience's lies

He grabbed his suitcase, still wondering what troubled him,
Ran out to the streets to find a piece that would settle his disposition grim,
He couldn't find it, but as he looked on a mirror,
He couldn't carry the weight of his jaws out of horror

Betrayal comes in many form
When felt, one would totally and apart be torn,
For the thing that he in himself had sworn,
Had been broken by him and it has left him forlorn

By the multitudes on the pass on which he ran,
He wot that in him their sight was bland
They know not of his err but,
They could tell a false tale of his errand

Sin came one by one
And he had entertained it leaving himself stunned
He was aware of this but still his endeavor went on,
He showed no discipline on the opponent he was not to tail on

He lost his footing and cursed the ground,
Dismantled the bearings on the case of his mind,
He shrieked and bypassers looked by,
They witnessed a man who lost all sanity and his time

He stood up again and went back from whence he came,
He prayed for deliverance for the man he became,
So, it was done and he smiled,
Still it wasn't enough for the acts he has done

The thought of suicide comes to his mind,
He learned to feel in his chest the chilling cold of a knife,
And as he tried to bury it deep in the middle of his heart,
He was struck by his ghost to never separate what he cannot part

Again for the endth time,
For the old times' sake has come to his hand,
He tried to grip it but he cannot,
He was haunted by the goodness in him that what once was

He cannot do anything to redesign the past,
Nor could he do anything to invert what he has done
All he did now was to smile at his mistakes,
For he wot there is still the future, a path where only a few would dare to take.