My Friend, I Miss You 8-23-12

In this lonely room

full of people,

I wonder if you miss me.

If you think about me.

All I ever see

is how cruel I was

to say that,

to quit fighting.

Sometimes there aren't

any more words

to tell you

when you don't listen.

I think that maybe

I should say hi,

to just begin again.

But then, my friend,

I'm no longer wanted

and no longer there.

But really, I just want

to be there,

to see you again.

Your silence is deadly

and I feel so alone

in this room full of people

and you there staring at me.

My friend, look away now.

Spare me the pain

of not being with you

on your side of the room.

I wish I could manage

to walk there beside you

but for not it will be enough

to start with "I'm sorry."