I always knew I was a Clone. I never felt pain nor love, never laughed nor smiled. I was a shell of what I was supposed to be. What I was supposed to be was a normal, human, child. Not a freakish copy of a child without a soul. I didn't even have a name- they didn't even bother with us. No, we were kept in a government warehouse, hooked up to machines and injected with enough liquid to keep us alive. We were kept in a dreamlike state, except we didn't dream. You need memories to dream, and Clones weren't allowed to have our own memories.

Clones were only allowed to have our Originals' memories.

Originals were the ones we were cloned from. When one of them would die young, their memories would be saved, and the memories would be downloaded into the Clones' brains. The Clone would take over the life of the Original from when the Original died. It would be as if nothing happened.

But sometimes, the cloning process would get botched. The Clone would somehow develop a conscious. Those were rare, though, one in 91 billion.

I was that one.

So, yeah, I wasn't supposed to happen. But here I am.

And the government wants me gone.

They should have just destroyed me while they could, but back then nobody knew. The government only becomes aware of these "Dangers" when their Original's memories are downloaded into them. Before that they are like any other Clone, mindless slaves, devoid of all emotion, created by what is basically a human copier machine. After they get the memories, though, things change. They become almost Original. They learn how to think, walk, read, write, and how to control the endless stream of memories. Except it's just not their Original's memories. It's memories from the warehouse, too.

Dangers can remember their time in the government facilities.

That's why they're so dangerous. The U.S. doesn't want the truth to be revealed. But that's only because it's too shocking. The world would never believe that the high age-expectancy in America is a lie, that when one person dies they are replaced by a perfect Clone.

They could never comprehend that the average age at death is not 176, it's 15.

Parents would freak it they found out that when their child got hit by a car, it wasn't the advanced medical technology that brought their precious child back form the brink of death.

No, the U.S. is horribly behind in the field of medical science.

But they lead the world in human cloning.

So you can imagine what they did when poor sixteen year-old Avery Brooks died in a car crash. They immediately found her Clone and downloaded her memories into it. It was the perfect plan- one that had succeeded over a billion times before.

The only problem: I was her Clone.