Chapter 1: The Letter

Yes. I decide. I must be dreaming.

My fingers hold the white, tiny, insignificant envelope that has, ironically, just changed my life forever.

For years to come, I will remember this moment. Right here, right now.

How couldn't I? My whole life is about to change.

My hand starts to shake. How is this happening. I didn't even apply to any school.

And how did they get my address?

I barely notice my bag fall to the floor in a crash. But, all the same, there is no question in my head at this point. I'm going to go to the school. My name is Korra Black.

I'm fifteen, and I live in a small town in Alaska.

I moved here to live with my grandparents when I was two.

You have to get used to the freezing cold here, and it is a little drab, and sometimes boring, but otherwise it's okay.

Often it's an annoyance to me that our small High School is jointed with the elementary, but not today.

Funny, all the little ankle biters in my hallway stare at me. To tell you the truth, it is rather creepy.

They have no idea what this means for me, the opportunities it holds.

After I calm down a little, I grab my bag from the floor, and open the door and go back into my class.

My eyes search the classroom sheepishly, aware that I am late.

Usually, everyone is looking at their textbooks with some varying level of boredom, bu not today. All eyes are on me.

I feel embarrassment well up in my cheeks, and I try not to make eye contact with anyone.

I walk across the room and sit down next to my best friend in this place, Austin Jackson.

He has shaggy blonde hair, he is taller than me, about 5'8. His eyes are pale grey like mine, and today he is wearing jeans and a grey t shirt. His mouth in

uncharacteristically twisted into a frown.

He turns away from me and I see him scribbling away on a note card.

I wonder what in the world he is doing before he hand me the card. I tentatively grab it, and slowly look down at the note to see what is says.

Korra, what's up? you were like, ten minutes late for class.

I grab a black pen from my bag and start scribbling a reply.

I have to quick hide the note under my textbook as the Professor comes walking down the aisle of desks.

Seriously, I swear that man is like a hawk, and you would be foolish to try to disrupt his class.

I wait until I'm in the clear to write.

Well Austin, the truth is I just got accepted into a school way south of here. In the lower 'States.

I hand him the note quickly, hoping that the professor won't catch me.

I give him five minutes to read it. Then ten.

Finally, I look at him with a questioning look.

It shouldn't take that long for him to read that, right?

He looks at me and shook his head in a sad way.

I almost didn't want to read the note when he finally gives it back to me.

So, you were just going to leave me behind?

I thought that our friendship was stronger than that.

I sat there, flabbergasted.

That's not what I meant at all. I hurriedly scribbled , starting to panic.

I gave the note back To Austin as quickly as I could.

He handed it back almost as quickly.

Then what did you mean?

I was almost done with my reply, but then the bell rang.

For the first time in my life, I curse the inopportune timing of the bell.

I could hear the sigh of relief echo through the class.

Usually, I'd be with them, rejoicing in another period over in this monotonous day, but not today.

All of the other students hurried to their next class.

For me, it was Trigonometry.

For Austin, it was Biology.

I found it hard to pay attention to the endless rambling today.

I brushed my straight black hair out of my face and started to think.

The answer was obvious. I couldn't believe I didn't think of it before.

I would just get Austin to apply for the same school I was going to.

I sighed, satisfied with my answer, looked at the whiteboard, and started to take notes.

After I was done with school, I met up with Austin in the parking lot. I was ready to tell him my plan.

"You mind telling me what the heck you're doing?" he asked coolly, taking me aback.

I flinched just a little bit, and then told him my plan. "Well, I was going to ask you if you wanted to apply for the school, so we could go together, you know,in a

week or so. but if that's such a horrible option..."

Austin replied after hesitating a second.. "No, that would be perfect." he replied, hugging me.

I smiled and started the short walk through the snow home.

When I got there, I was going to get on my computer and see what I could find about the school.

The American School Of The Arts. What a weird name.

I wondered what they taught there. I was going to find out, but it just seemed a little odd that I didn't know.

In truth, I didn't really care. I was going anyway. When I make up my mind, it's really hard to sway me.

I thought to ponder this for a second. What if Austin couldn't come.

I was going regardless. I promised my self. I can't let anyone else controll my life and my decisions, even if it is my best friend.