Chapter 2: Travling

The next few weeks were torture.

Even after agreeing to apply, Austin was still holding me at an icy distance, and I had to get ready to move.

This made me believe that he didn't get in, and this made me really, well, in a way mad.

This whole thing seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to make it big, but it was also depressing.

I knew that it was honestly my fault that Austin was now not speaking to me. But again, in truth I didn't care. If he wanted to fight with me before I left, that was his

prerogative, not mine.

But still, I was strong, I was going to go the School with or without Austin.

Preferably with, but I wasn't going to be guilted into not going.

I looked at myself in the mirror.

I was ready for another day in paradise, or, as close as it got to it at The Denali Wilderness School.

My straight, black hair was hanging down my back, and I could have sworn that I had more freckles today. My skin tone was pale. Which frustrated me. Wherever I

went, my skin was always lighter than anyone elses.

Sometimes Austin joked about me being albino. He was just teasing though.

My clothes were simple. Just a plain white t shirt, a black leather jacket, and combat boots.

Personally, I didn't care if I was just a little "Tomboyish."

So I pulled my hair back into a messy pony, grabbed a pop tart, put on my parka, gave my grandparents hugs goodbye, and walked out the door.

As I walked to school, I noticed that it looked like it was going to storm.

Hopefully it Didn't. I was supposed to leave for the other school at lunchtime today.

But something in my gut tells me that there is an oncoming storm.

At lunch, I grabbed my I pod and put on my favorite playlist.

I was sitting with my friends, but I wasn't really listening to the conversation. I wasn't one to get caught up in gossip and all of that kind of stuff.

I took a deep breath and cleared my tray. All day I hadn't looked outside, in hopes that it had stopped snowing.

Biting the bullet, I peered through the school cafeteria window and looked outside.

It was almost a full scale blizzard outside.

My eyes narrowed. How was I supposed to get on the plane if it was blizzarding?

My spirits fell. And I gave a sigh.

Looks like I would have to stay here another day.

I got my books for the next period from my locker until I heard a voice over the loudspeaker.

"Korra Black, come to the office as soon as possible, please."

I figured that it was to tell me that I was staying here for today, maybe even more, so I was nonchalant walking through the hallway to the office, but when I got there

my jaw almost dropped.

The girl was "Punk." She had a black jacket, like mine, I guess. and her dark red hair was in spikes. And ripped denim jeans.

Obviously, she wasn't a local.

In spite of myself, I felt myself take a little half step back.

She had an aura of "Powerful."

"My name is Jazmine Moon are you Korra?" she asked.

Part of me wanted to say no, turn tail and hide,, but the other part of me knew better.

"Yes." I said. There was silence for a second.

"We need to go." Jazmine said, quickly looking at me.

"Okay." I began slowly, "Where too?"

"Where do you think? To the plane. Come on it's waiting for us."

I wanted to hit something as soon as I saw Austin on the plane.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, with an eyebrow raised.

Austin looked at me, with his palms up. "Korra, I swear, I'm sorry, but I got in too."

I tried not to let my face betray how happy this made me. "When?" I asked sharply.

"Yesterday. I was trying to find a way to tell you." he said, still looking as though afraid I would hit him.

I sighed and went to go sit on the seat next to him.

The plane was starting, and all of the people in the aisle next to us were looking at us funny.

Great. Just what I needed.

I wasn't quite ready to forgive Austin for the weeks he had spent ignoring me.

And besides, I was tired. I closed my eyes and feel asleep.

It was almost 4:00 when we landed in Denver, Colorado.

My parka and my boots we in my carry on.

Right now, I had my tennis shoes on and a long sleeved t- shirt.

It was the middle of March, so I expected it to be crisp outside.

Turns out, I was right.

It was pretty chilly, but not exactly cold.

Jazmine met us when we got out of the airport and on to the curb.

"Right. So we need to hail a cab." she said distractedly.

She whipped out a phone and sent a message.

I gave Austin a look like, what the heck? before I realized that I was still mad at him.

Within seconds, we had a ride.

"Jazmine..." I began, looking at the cab that had appeared out of nowhere, as though it seemed.

"Shh.. not now, not here." she sent a glance over her shoulder, possibly looking for people watching us.

I slowly got into the cab.

Austin was right behind me, and he looked confused.

"So what exactly is this school?" I began, talking to Jazmine, who was in the shotgun seat.

"Well, for starters, it's a school of magic." She began.

And suddenly, everything made since.

It was a mark of how weird the past few days had been that I actually considered this as a plausible option. As if reading my mind, Jazmine spoke to me.

"I'm serious." She said in a scary non joking voice.