These hollow bounds...Yet another place where I lie invisible to all but the occasional misguided soul to tread on my dirt. Maybe he'll stay, but I doubt he will. Very few ever do. Most just move on, treading the shrouded night with many an anxiety breathing down their necks.

The ones that stay, however...What are they doing here, with this lowly husk for their companion? Am I not the shadows themselves, living only by the grace of others? Am I not the rampant parasite?

Their fading stature...this tempts me, draws me closer. I feel the misshapen arms wrap around, I feel the claws of malice dig into neglected flesh clinging to empty bones and for a moment, time stills itself. Anticipation steels in the wells of my gut, emotion chokes out the ever constant voice of reason, and fear washes over. Numbed in crashing waves of icy, frozen terror, I am powerless to fight back...powerless to struggle against the coming tide as this spectral existence surrounds me.

It never stops. The darkness erodes at my vigilant mind, consuming more and more with each passing second. It hungers, never to be sated. The darkness expands, invading farther into the depths of the collective primal conscience, drowning most but sparing some. Yet this darkness…the black nothing, empty and void, still starves for whatever it derives from us.

There is some description of an unearthly being, one so malicious and universal as to warrant attention in all obscure religious texts. It has been branded a demon, a devil, a harbinger…even a god. It is said to be a premonition to madness, to be a sign of the inevitable fate that awaits the troubled psyche of its next victim. This demon feeds from the darkness in our minds, our thoughts. It is a part of us, one large enough that will undoubtedly be noticed should it be gone. And we are a part of it, one which keeps it alive; its metaphorical heart. So complex a symbiotic relationship between such a being and humanity is difficult to record, much less communicate. I can only hope that I am not branded a madman once this is found, regardless of how accurate that label may be.

I have seen this being, and I have never felt fear so strongly before. I am doomed to whatever ill fate this thing disposes me to, and I have no chance to escape it. I never had a chance. I could never fight, I could never hide, and I could never run. You cannot escape your sub-conscious mind. But if you value your being, in all respects, you will try.

I go now, to what lies beyond this black curtain. And to those reading this…

It is always watching.