On a cold moonless night, so many years ago when I was 5 my mother had been burned to death on a stake. The neighbors were worried that my mother was the one who was kidnapping their children. They were absolutely wrong however nobody believed that it wasn't her because (though I absolutely hate saying this) she did look like one and so do I. But they weren't completely wrong though; me and my mom are witches.

*9 years later*

"I HATE HIGH SCHOOL!" I scream but it's not like anyone will hear me (even if my stepmother does she won't care, my dad might but he's in Fresno.) your probably wondering why because people say and I quote "high school is the best four years of your life" yeah, right not when you're the class freak with flame red hair, purple-gray eyes and porcelain like skin and 5ft nothing! Everyone finds me unnerving they always have since 2nd grade when Mona Icebare was making fun of my eyes so I got extremely mad, said some words in a language I didn't know then she flew back and hit the brick wall behind her it was so cool yet a little freaky. Ever since then the other kids would push me into the mud or they would run away from me in fear. In any case this is what goes to show they always judge a book by their cover

"JADE LEE NIGHT!" the devil whoops I mean my step mother yells. " GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT!"

"I'M COMING!"I yell back knowing there's no escaping its (sorry) her evil clutches.

"Why is that… that's things dog food doing in my PURSE!?" She says fumingly.

"It's not a thing it's Rose," I say picking up my adorable little puppy.

"NO! It's a DEMON!" She says even angrier. I roll my eyes, thats rich coming from the devil herself. I'm so glad that in four years I'll be out of this place and in college for the next six years! Our house might look super cheerful, but if you spent a week here you would find this place as cold and evil as a haunted graveyard in the dead of night. All this time I wish they hadn't accused her and killed her. She used her powers for good but apparently witchcraft is witchcraft and if you use it you're toast that's actually quite literal. I thought they said they didn't burn people anymore and it proves that somethings are worse than death. Like my life and it happens to turn out that they were right about one more thing.

They said I used to live with the devil by my side (okay they were kind of wrong) but now I actually live with the devil, this sucks! I wish my dad didn't travel all the time (I think he does it to escape his new wife) but if I could go with him, I so would! because I would do anything to escape this torture chamber.


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