I am getting really annoyed he keeps eyeing me curiously like I'm some kind of interesting insect. As I was thinking this, he suddenly stands still.

"What!?" I snap at him super annoyed already. "Well, what is it?!"

"Yo-yo-your arm," he stutters. I look at it and stifle a gasp. From the bottom of my middle finger to the back of my neck is an intricate henna tattoo.

"Whoa." I say more than a little scared. I turn to one of the large mirrors that line the almost never ending hallway. I see that the one on my neck connected to the one now on my cheek bone. I lean forward and delicately touch it.

"Ow!" I exclaim, it feels raw and it really hurts! The henna looks black with a red-ish tint to it; it looks kind of like it was mixed with blood. Chris was just standing there staring at me in horror, his mouth open wide showing me all of his perfect white teeth. I start to laugh because he looked like a fish with his eyes bulging out of his head like that.

"WITCH!" He screams in terror. Great, even more attention, that I obviously, didn't need. I'm probably one of the most unlucky people on the planet! As I'm thinking this Chris decides to up and faint. I think I might be screwed….

I finally made it to the office dragging an unconscious Chris behind me by his wrists. I, more or less, collapse when I get there. When I get there but who could blame me? I mean, I was dragging at least 180 pounds of dead weight for maybe close to 3/4 of a mile! The secretary gasps when she sees me and Chris.

"W-w-what h-h-happened?" She stutters as she looks from him to me. I sigh this was going to take a lot of explaining….


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