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The morning light irritated my eyes through my closed lids as it fell upon my face, forcing me awake. I hated mornings. I sat up, shoving a hand through my hair and succeeding in making even more of a mess than it was before. I threw the sheets off and stood, rolling my back and stretching my arms in preparation for the day. The thought that a fight might break out was the only reason I ever even cracked my eyelids in the morning. Things had been rather docile this past week and my body was starting to protest the lack of adrenaline in my system.
I padded quietly across the cool tile floor and over to my mirror, which reflected just how badly my hair was mussed. A mop of silver tresses hung wildly in my face, almost concealing the electric blue of my eyes. My braid was the only thing that had remained relatively in tact, so I wouldn't have to redo it at least. I ran my fingers through it again, this time with purpose, and managed to give it some semblance or order when a know sounded at my door.
"What is it?" I answered, throwing on long sleeve white shirt.
"My lord, a fight has broken out at the city limits."
"Is it the Flamelons?"
"Yes my liege." I smiled. Maybe, just maybe...I would see him today.

The fight had already escalated by the time I arrived, and just seeing the battle scene got my blood going. Ice shattered and flew in all directions, fire of all colors flared and exploded, but I was looking for a specific flame. I stood watching for a while, and just when I thought I would have to start fighting one of the mediocre hotheads, I saw it. A burst of deep mahogany flame that erupted near the outskirts of the fight, and then finally, the man it belonged to. I grinned. I leaped an bounded across the battlefield, dodging sprays of melted ice and stray embers until I came in front of the only man I would ever fight seriously.
"Ah, Tamwyn. Shall we get this started?" I said, and he turned to face me, his red tipped orange hair shining in the fire and a mischievous grin spread across his face.
"Took you long enough, I was starting to think you weren't coming."


"TAMWYN! Get back here!"
I leaped over a bush, dodging trees as I sprinted away from the hanging treetop buildings of Runya Ostar. I was technically supposed to be suspended-but how could I miss a raid on Khelek Tal?
Yes, I was going to be in big trouble when I got back. But in the meantime...I had more important things to worry about.
I slid to a stop at the bottom of the steep embankment that rimmed our side of the Beleg River, gazing out across the waters. I could see the fresh footprints of the raiding party and knew I was only a hundred yards or so behind. I stepped back, took a running start and dove into the deep part of the river before me, paddling strongly for the other side. Most of our kind preferred to use the ford, but I was in a hurry and was not afraid of water.
I climbed up the steep bank on the other side, shaking my water drenched hair out of my eyes. The sound of a battle reached my ears, and I sprinted through the thinner forest for the city of Khelek Tal.
I came upon the right flank of the Raiding party, and a familiar figure turned and spotted me. I waved, and Roran rubbed his eyes wearily.
"Tamwyn, you're not supposed to be here." He sounded resigned, as if he knew I knew I was disobeying orders and didn't particularly give a damn.
"I know. But you knew I'd come-you even saved me a seat."
He rolled his honey colored eyes as I drew my spear, and then charged forward with a war cry that made many of my own men start. I met a Glaciite head on, clashing my spear against their sword, and I bared my teeth at the man to see if he would be intimidated.
He backed up slightly, and I smirked. Always too easy. I sent a wide round-house kick in his direction, sweeping deep mahogany flames after my foot, and he retreated with a cry. I whipped my spear around and cracked him over the back of the head with it, felling him just in time to meet the next man hand-to-hand.
Sure, cracking Glaciite heads was fun and all, but I was getting a little bored. Normal soldiers just didn't prove much of a challenge for me.
Suddenly a soft clinking of Glaciite armor caught my attention, and I whirled and finally found myself before the man I had fought countless times and usually come to a stalemate.
Sivan Cadis, the prince of Khelek Tal. He stood atop a partially melted wall of ice, a wicked looking spear clutched in his left hand. I spun my own weapon into position, not looking up at him or taking a stance yet. He wouldn't strike until he had greeted me.
"Ah, Tamwyn. Shall we get this started?"
I turned casually, smiling dangerously as I whirled my weapon around my forearm expertly. "Took you long enough. I was starting to think you weren't coming."
He leaped into the air, tucking into a roll and then coming down at me with his whole body force, our spears colliding with a loud CRACK as I met his attack head on. I grinned fiercely, swinging at him, but he ducked and came up on my right side, a long dagger of blue ice forming in his hand. I snapped my hand up and caught the blade in my hand, melting it until I was clutching his wrist. He smirked, his electric blue eyes glittering with the excitement of a fight.
"Why would I ever miss an opportunity to humiliate you in battle?" He purred, and I cursed as he almost gutted me with the spear in his other hand. I leaped back, releasing his wrist and doing a sideways roll to avoid the spear he was about to throw. I popped up and sent off a blast of fire at him, and he smoothly dove backwards off the wall he was standing on, landing lightly on his feet.
"Those are some fancy feet, but why don't you fight me like a man?" I called, and his expression turned more serious. Suddenly he came roaring upwards on a wave of ice, and I melted it out from under him, but then he came flying down at me, and I had to dodge his spear again.
"Who's the one avoiding fighting like a man?" He asked, and I snapped a wave of flame at him, my irritation fueling the power. He rolled out of the way and suddenly I felt ice close around my foot as he froze the melted puddle around me. I cursed fervently and melted my hold, but in that time he came at me again, and we both went to the ground as we grappled fist to fist. My back met air and we tumbled off the edge of a balcony and into the courtyard below. We landed hard, and the breath whooshed out of me as he landed on my chest with a muffled grunt. We both lay there trying to regain our breath for a moment, and then he shifted ever so slowly out of the position he had been occupying lying on my chest. His silver hair brushed my cheek, and I struggled to get air into my bruised ribcage as I realized he was going to be ready to fight again very soon.
But his eyes were glittering as he stayed there, sitting on my torso, my wrists pinned down. He smirked slightly, as if at some private joke.
"What's so...damn funny?" I asked, shocked at the breathless tone in my voice. He shrugged, still smiling.
"Just imagine if you people saw you like this...beneath another man." He teased, and I arched my back violently, throwing him over my head and rolling after him. I slammed his wrists into the ground, straddling him, and he blinked in shock at having the position reversed so suddenly. I snarled at him, baring my teeth in a show of dominance.
"What were you saying?" I asked, and he struggled in my grip but didn't manage to shake me. His eyes were crackling with electricity, and I felt my hair stand on end before suddenly something connected hard with the side of my head and I went reeling off of Sivan, pain shooting out from the point of contact. Sivan clambered to his feet, a voice shouting to us, and I staggered unsteadily to my feet, and I felt a trickle of blood run down my neck. Sivan was staring after me with burning eyes as the boy who looked like him called for him to hurry, and I sent a returning stare after him.
'It's not over.' His eyes said.
'I look forward to a rematch.' Mine replied.
And we parted ways like that, the battle on hold for now. But we would meet again, as we always did.
We'd meet again.