Little Mary sits in the corner

Clad in her perfect, polka dotted dress

But no one bothered to warn her

Now little Mary is a mess

Her perfect curls now twisted and tangled

Her little red bow is tossed aside

Her delicate form now torn and mangled

She had no where to run, no place to hide

Over and over voices in her head

Scream that it's all her fault, that she's to blame

"You had this coming you stupid girl!"

Oh how she wished she were dead

Why did she smile, why did she trust?

What did she do deserve this?

The hands of the sinner had invaded her holy temple

Her walls cracking and shattering with every violent thrust

Again, again, and again she continued to be violated

Cruel hands touched her in horrible ways

She closed her tearful eyes and continued to wonder why, why, why?

How had she become so broken, so humiliated?

She used to be happy and had a smile as bright as the sun

She used to laugh and bring music into the air

But now all that sweetness had turned to rotten meat

All the happiness, all the innocence was dead and gone

Time passed with only withering flowers as evidence

Pure fear had turned to pure hate

Her heart not only broken but now filled with poison

Rather than end herself, she decided to end this malevolence

She may look the same but be not mistaken

No longer little, the girl with the revenge hungry heart

Now a force to be reckoned with

She will not be forsaken

You better watch out

She won't forgive you for this

Now that she's cried, she's going to shout

Now shut up and suffer the wrath of Mary's kiss