Wars of the Seasons

By Ocean Poels

Age 11

When the beauty of Autumn is gone and the world lays silent, Lord Winter attacks with his armies of winter soldiers, with names such as Frostbite, North Wind and cruel yet cunning Snowflake. Out of these monstrosities rises a new and even more deadly enemy, Lord Winter himself. With his vast armies, he attacks Queen Autumn's fortress. She tries to defend her throne, but she eventually has to abdicate or suffer the wrath of Lord Winter, who controls the second-greatest army of the four seasons.

After this tragic occurrence, Lord Winter has himself proclaimed the new king of the Land of Sea Sonia. He sends his men out into the world to bring winter where it is this time of year. Evil, sly, cunning Snowflake transformed himself into millions of tiny particles and although they are beautiful to look upon, these little beauties are foretelling that North Wind and Frost Bite are coming with in days, hours or even minutes. Frost Bite immediately sets to work, biting people like the tiny mosquito that plaques us in summer with its bite.

While Frost Bite sets to work, North Wind was helping to keep Snowflake from melting. However, Snowflake never returned the favour. So sometimes, North Wind could get his revenge in a way Lord Winter could not stop, by letting his sister South Wind come and blow her warmth over Snowflake and melt her. Snowflake never learned though. He did not listen. Lord Winter would never pin it on him though, because with out Snowflake in his ranks, Lord Winter never had a chance of surviving his reign.

Winter's reign continued. Day after day while Snowflake continued to fall. Finally, after five months of reigning Sea Sonia, a new enemy rose and her name was Spring. The people of Sea Sonia were tired of Lord Winter's cold, cruel reign. They wanted Spring with her warm, loving personality. More and more people were supporting her and her army. With support growing every day, Spring finally decided to attack the fortress where Lord Winter was staying and take back the kingdom he had taken from her sister.

Winter fought back, but he had so little support that he lost the battle. Spring's reign had finally arrived. Summer succeeded her after her reign was done, and Autumn came back into power after her. Let us hope, though, that Winter never does return to power ever again.