"How will I get there? I am not a mermaid like you are."

"You can breathe underwater, can't you? Just hold my hand and I'll pull you along as I swim."

"Are you strong enough for that, Sarah? My body weight would cause a fair bit of drag for you if I were to come."

"Didn't I tell you? If I wish it, my mermaid tail will appear whenever I am in the water. My tail is strong, and pulling you along would be easy for me."

"Well, okay. Just this once, though."

The two girls walked out into the water once again, and they again dived under with only a ripple to say that they had ever stood there. When they had been under the water for only a few seconds, Sarah's legs began to transform. They began to glow and sparkle, and then join together, first at the feet and then slowly it worked its way up. A sudden flash of light caused Rosa to shield her eyes from the glare. When she finally uncovered her eyes, Sarah's legs had become a shimmering, purple mermaid tail.

The tail was pale lavender in colour, covered in shimmering scales that flashed and twinkled in the sunlight that filtered down through the water. The tail ended in a fin much like one that you would find at the end of a fish's tail, and it was coloured a just a little darker shade of lavender.

Rosa tentatively reached out and touched the tail, and pulled her hand back when she actually felt the slippery smoothness of the scales. For a moment, she had doubted the realness of all this, but she couldn't deny it any longer; this was all very real, not just some unrealistic dream as she had believed.

"This is real, isn't it? Not just some dream?" Rosa asked nervously.

"Nope, not a dream at all. If it was a dream, you wouldn't have felt anything when you touched my tail," explained Sarah.

"Do you think I might have the same thing as that?" Rosaline asked

"Have the same what?"

"The ability to make a tail appear when I want it to."

"If you truly have mermaid genes in your blood, then it is fully possible. However, to a half-mermaid, it is nearly improbable, so I can't be sure."

"Oh. Well, if I did have this power, hypothetically, what would I have to do to make my legs turn into a tail?"

"Well, all you would have to do is concentrate really hard. Imagine yourself with a tail and think only of that. If you truly are one, then your legs should turn into a tail after a few seconds," Sarah replied thoughtfully.

"Okay. It can't hurt to at least try it," Rosaline said after a moment's pause.

Rosa closed her eyes tight and began to imagine. She saw herself in her mind's eye, with her brown hair floating around her face and her arms spread out like she was flying. There was only one thing: she had no legs. Instead of legs, she had a turquoise-blue mermaid tail. In her mind, she saw herself swish her tail through the water.

Thinking only on that very image, Rosa concentrated with all her might. She put everything she had, all her dreams and hopes that would come true if only she had the tail. She thought and concentrated with all her heart and soul, but nothing seemed to be happening. Finally, she gave up and opened her eyes. Maybe she wasn't partly a mermaid after all.