I am, I am a fallen raven,

Stranded, lost away from my dear haven.

I fought, did all I could, but to no avail,

To the dark spirits of this world, I will FAIL.

War, Greed, MURDER, these are all deadly sins,

They should be cut, just like a dead fishes' fin.

Diseases, plagues, all curses of the human mind,

Curses, which we shouldn't be able to find.

Again, I repeat, I'm a Fallen Raven

Through this feeling of desperation, I hope to strengthen.

I have surpassed my and any other's limits,

But alas, I will still fall in those deadly pits.

I will die, I will fade away,

All that, in less than an earth day.

Falling, I raise my arms above, to the stars,

Hoping to heaven, I wasn't too far…

I have fallen

Although, my life I have lengthen.

Not enough I'm afraid,

For today, I am dead.