Chapter 2: The Discovery


The girl was waking up. She feebly tried to lift the blanket covering her body up and away from her face, and then I saw it. Her eyes . . . they were blue as anything, but cloudy as the sky on a rainy day. She had survived against all the odds, but it came with a price. A wail of despair echoed feebly from her throat, and I knew that she knew the truth. The heart monitors showed that while her heart was still beating, it was erratic, and I knew that she couldn't last much longer.

"Who did this to her?" I asked quietly.

"It was Gumo (1)," a deep voice said from the doorway. Turning my head, I looked back at the man ran the agency, Kenshin Shibata. My eyes narrowed at the mention of that name; of course- only someone as evil as Gumo would dare shoot a civilian.

"Why would Gumo shoot her? She was of no threat to him," I said quietly in the direction of my boss. "Besides, why is she even still alive? I thought she was shot through the heart."

"She was."

"Then why is she still living?"

"For the same reason that you managed to survive the same thing, Taka-maim."

My eyes widened at the mention of that. This girl . . . was she really one of . . . them? I was by the girl's bedside in an instant. Reaching into my pocket, I pulled out a computer chip and, taking it in my hand, plunged it into her chest.

Please, let this work! I pleaded silently.

Without a sound, the computer chip sank into her skin. Glancing at the heart monitor, I saw her heart beat start to speed up as the chip attempted to integrate with her body. I watched, desperately hoping for her body to accept the chip. Just then, the beep of the machine turned into one long monotone sound, and the blips that represented her heartbeat flattened out into one solid line. Hanging my head, I slowly walked away from her bedside. She was gone- my best friend in the whole world was gone.

I looked at Kenshin, and he had pity reflected in his eyes. He knew that although my friend hadn't known of my life as a spy, she'd still been the closest thing I'd ever had to a real sister. He looked from me to the girl and back again, and he silently shook his head. I knew what he was thinking without even asking because it was something that I'd thought of a lot recently.

Putting my hand up to my chest, I felt my heart beating within, and if only for a moment, I allowed myself to remember the day when I had discovered the truth of my identity. I was the first of my kind . . . and now the last. That chip had been my last hope to discovering others like me out there . . . and now it was gone.

Suddenly, I heard Kenshin gasp and saw his eyes grow wide as he looked from me to the bed where poor Neko lay. Following his gaze to the heart monitor, I saw something that stunned me. The beeping of the machine resumed and I saw Neko's eyes snap open as she sucked in a big breath of air. I couldn't believe it- the chip worked. Tears formed in my eyes as the truth suddenly hit me- I was no longer alone.


I think that I died back there. No, I knew that I died. So why was I still here? Why could I still hear the beeping of what I realized was a heart monitor? My head turned in all the directions it could from its place on that pillow, and yet I still couldn't see anything. I heard the sound of voices . . . and there was one in particular that I recognized beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, before I could voice a single syllable, my mind went blank and I faded into unconsciousness once again. My last thought before I blacked out was, Taka . . . what are you doing here?