A Fairy's Tale

"I never grow tired of this!" Angela called over her shoulder, "I could fly forever!"

With golden hair whipping out behind her and her blue eyes snapping with excitement, Angela shot across the meadow, her wings just a blur. As she flew, Angela thought about all that had happened in the past few days. All fairies could fly from the moment they were born, or were at least born with wings. For some reason, she had been born both flightless….. and wingless. Only on her 12th birthday had her wings finally grown in. After 12 years of no flying, she could finally do it. She could fly!

Angela slowed her pace a bit at first, and then slowly stopped until she was hovering in mid-air. So she hovered there as she waited for Katie to catch up. Katie caught up with Angela after a few minutes. "Could you please not do that? You know that neither I nor any other fairy in Fulania can fly so fast as you just did," she managed to gasp out between breaths. Katie was a long time friend of Angela's, and she did almost everything with her.

"Sorry. I can't help myself sometimes. Well, we had best be moving on if we want to meet Kathy on time. She absolutely hates it if we're late."

Together the two friends flew off. They arrived at the prearranged meeting place right on time. Of course, Kathy was already there, waiting for them as usual. Her long red hair was pulled up off her face and tied in a bun, and her green eyes brightened once she spotted her friends. She actually looked almost exactly like Katie, with the only difference being that Katie had her hair down instead of tied back. This came as no surprise for Angela, for she knew that even though her two best friends had completely different personalities, they were still identical twins.

"Hi, you two. What kept you so long?"

"We're not late, Kathy. You're the one who always comes earlier than need be," Katie replied teasingly.

"Hey, there's nothing in the rule book that says that being early for something is against the law! Anyway, we had better get going if you want to be at Angela's house for night comes."

"Alright, you two, that's enough of that arguing and teasing for now," Angela cut in. She had promised to take the twins to see her house, since they had never been there before. Off all three of the friends flew, with Angela leading the way.

The group of acquaintances arrived at their destination soon afterwards. The house that Angela lived in was actually a giant flower. "Tulia, I'm back, and I brought a few friends over," Angela called out. A petal slowly lowered away from the flower, revealing a small entrance that was just the right size for a 12-year-old. The three walked up the lowered petal and entered the flower/ home. Once all were inside, Tulia (the flower) raised her petal again, once again hiding the entrance from nosy neighbors. After staring at the place that they had just entered through, the twins turned around and saw a room that looked like it belonged in a castle, not a common house flower.

The furniture was made of mahogany and ebony and carved with dragons and vines. Upon the walls hung some tapestries, including one that caught the twins' eye. It depicted a silvery dragon, wings open in flight. Sitting on the back of the great beast, upon a magnificent saddle, was a beautiful young fairy, whose golden hair whipped out behind her on some invisible wind, her blue eyes fierce with anger.

"This is where you live?" the twins asked simultaneously.

"Yeah," Angela said sheepishly.

Her two friends were quite speechless by what they saw. Not even the richest barons in Fulania could afford this type of furniture for their homes without having their land leasers pay ridiculous amounts on taxes and leases. Why, if her parents could afford such luxurious furniture, was she living here then? As these thoughts were rushing through their minds, they noticed something else: a small noise that was coming from outside.

It sounded like a faint buzzing, a long way off yet by the sounds of it. Kathy and Katie thought nothing of the noise; that is until they noticed their young friend's worried expression. That was when they started to realize that this noise was out of the ordinary. Usually, Angela was not fazed by anything that happened, but when something did upset her it was usually pretty bad.

The buzzing came closer and closer, getting louder and louder by the second. Angela cried out for Tulula to lower the petal covering the open doorway, and just seconds later a young man flew into the flower home. He looked weary, as if he had flown a long way. The young fairy was dressed in the green livery that only a royal messenger could wear. Across the man's shoulder was slung a small pack for carrying the messages that were part of his job. What was he doing here, of all places?

Once the young man had caught his breath, he stood up straight and looked around at the three girls surrounding him. He scanned each girl's face, as though searching for one certain person. Only when he saw Angela did he stop and look more carefully. Suddenly, he bowed to her, which confused the twins even more.

"Princess Evangeline! Thank goodness that I have found you. I have an urgent message from your father the king. I flew here as fast as I could with it," the messenger said.

Both Katie and Kathy looked at their friend. Instead of finding that she had a look of confusion or saying that she wasn't the princess as they had expected however, she was worried-looking, even more so than she had before the messenger had come.

"A message from my father? Why? Did something happen to him and Mother?" Angela queried.

"I do not know for sure. When the king gave the message into my keeping, he said that I was to use my utmost haste in getting it to you."

"Then give the message to me. I must know if my parents are okay!"

The man handed a scroll tied with velvet ribbon to 'Evangeline,' who quickly tore it open. She quickly read the contents of the letter, and then with a cry of anguish she released the parchment. As it fell to the floor, Angela fainted and fell towards the floor, unconscious. Obviously, whatever was in the letter was of a great magnitude to extract such a reaction from anyone. The messenger leaped forward to catch her as she fell, and the twins picked up the paper and handed it to the now revived Angela. When she was asked what the letter contained that was so devastating, she consented to read it aloud.

"My dear daughter Evangeline,

"If you are reading this letter, then Fulania is in greatest peril. I had hoped that you would never have to bear this burden, but the time has come that you knew the truth. You know of the legend of the fairy for which you are named, but what you don't know is this.

"Long ago, in ages past, there was another fairy with the very same name. She was the same as you, born both flightless and wingless. She, however, never got wings, but none the less she was able to fly without the aid of wings. She became a great seer and prophetess, with mystical powers beyond that of many great wizards of her time. Just before she died, she had a vision of the future, and in that vision she saw a young wingless fairy riding on dragon back, and she saw that the young girl was fighting an evil wizard. She also saw the names of these two warriors: Evangeline and Silveresa. That prophecy has been handed down for generations."

The letter went on to say that Evangeline's parents had always known that their daughter was the fated one. Near the end of the letter, the king and queen wrote about something that Evangeline was hesitant to read out loud, for she felt it was meant for her alone. The final sentences of the letter read, "We love you, dear, with all our hearts. By the time this letter reaches you, we will have been captured by Medali, an evil wizard that has been trying to conquer us for years. We believe in you, my dear." By the end of the letter she was sobbing in the embrace of her two friends, who now knew the secret to her true identity.

"I must go. My parents are not only in danger, but I wouldn't doubt that I am in danger as well if my enemy knows of my whereabouts," the princess said once she had dried her eyes. And with those words said, Evangelina walked out of the house and sped off to the location that her mother and father had included in that letter.

An hour later, Evangeline reached her destination: the forested regions of Du Chamamtine. As she flew over the forest, she kept on the lookout for a clearing in the shape of a fairy's wings. In the letter, her parents had told her that this was the clearing where she would find an unhatched dragon egg. If she truly was the legendary girl, then she would be able to reach out and touch the egg, which would then hatch. Just then, she spotted the clearing amid the thick tangle of branches. She descended carefully, fanning out her wings to ensure a safe landing. Just as she was about to touch the ground, however, the strength in her wings failed. She plummeted the several feet remaining to the soft ground below, hit her head and was knocked out.

Evangeline awoke a few minutes later, dizzy, but no worse for wear, or so it seemed. As she was standing up, Evangeline noticed that something was wrong with her back; instead of feeling the weight of her wings dragging on her back muscles, she felt nothing like what the weight of her wings were. Looking back over her shoulder, Evangeline's eyes searched franticly for the bright colours of her wings, until she finally realized what her eyes refused to see. Her wings, the ones she had waited 12 years for, were gone, gone without a trace. Just at that moment, over the sound of the chirping birds and chucking squirrels of the forest, she heard the plaintive wail of thousands of fairies as they realized that their wings were gone as well. What had caused the mass wing loss?

Ignoring the wails for the moment, Evangeline looked around the place where she had landed. Fenced in by thick trees on all sides, there was little in the clearing upon first glance. Upon further inspection though, she easily spotted an old shack near the edge of the meadow, partially hidden in a little partition in the trees. Entering the shack, Evangeline found herself in a small, cramped space with only a small table, chair, and a wall-mounted book case as the furnishings. Upon the table sat a bundle, wrapped in ancient-looking cloth and bound with twine. Carefully opening the bundle revealed a medium-sized egg, coved in silvery swirls.

Evangelina felt inexplicably drawn to the egg, and with a tentative hand she reached out to touch the treasure. The surface of the egg felt smooth to the touch, and no bumps interrupted that. Suddenly, a crack appeared on the egg. At first, the crack was tiny, but it quickly grew larger and spread out over the entire exterior of the egg. A blinding light began to surround the place where the egg sat. Feeling overwhelmed by her feelings of fear, Evangeline stepped away from the table. Suddenly, the egg shattered into a million tiny bits that went flying all over the shack, embedding themselves in the walls. She quickly ducked under the table to avoid the flying debris from the egg, only coming out when the dust had settled once again.

When she finally did peep out from under the table, she saw shattered eggshell everywhere she looked. Evangeline then looked at the table top, where the egg itself had once sat. In the egg's place, however, there sat a young creature, curled up in what looked to be sleep. She felt that she should know what the creature was, but she couldn't put her finger on it just then. The newborn had tiny silver scales; the same colour as the swirls on the egg had been, covering her body, and tiny dagger-like claws that looked like daggers themselves. There were knife-sharp teeth in the baby's tiny mouth, and upon her back were small wings that had a span as wide as long as the creature itself. Feeling inexplicably connected to the tiny creature, Evangeline picked it up and took it outside for its first view of the world.

Just as she set it down on an old rotted stump, Evangeline heard a strange voice. Whipping around, her eyes quickly scanned the boundaries of the clearing in which she stood, but there was no one there.

"Evangeline." There it was again! Then the voice came again, but this time she noticed that it seemed to be echoing in her thoughts, not in the outside world. On a hunch, Evangeline answered with her thoughts, and she immediately got an answer. Whoever it was that was communicating with her, they were doing so telepathically.

"Down here, beside you," said the definitely feminine voice. Looking down, Evangeline saw nothing but the creature, which she still had not identified. Suddenly t struck her why the creature seemed so familiar; she had seen one just like it every morning when she woke up and every night before she fell asleep, in one of her tapestries in her room. This was a baby dragon!

"Is it you who is saying those things to me?" Evangeline said as she reached out her mind towards that of the dragon.

"Yes. At last we meet, Evangeline. My name is Silveresa, and you are my rider."

"So the legends are true? How, though, are we supposed to save the kingdom from destruction when you are only a baby, and I am a fairy without wings?"

"A question that is easily answered," said Silveresa, just before she was enveloped in a glittering mist. The mist shrouded not only her, but Evangeline as well, so that none could see the transformation happening within.

When the mist dissipated and the dragon and her rider reappeared, they were still very much alive, but they did not look the same as before. Instead of being little bigger than a cat, now the dragon was the height of a one story house and measured around 20 feet from nose to tail. Not only that, but there was now a riding saddle, meant especially for dragons, on her back.

Meanwhile, Evangeline had been utterly transformed as well. Her torn dress had been replaced with one that reached just past the knee and was made from rose-red silk. A cloak made of soft wool of the same colour as her dress was clasped loosely from her neck. Evangeline's hair, which had formerly been a tangled mess, was now brushed and gleamed in the sunlight that shone around her head like a halo. Upon her feet she found silk slippers in the same red as her dress, with leather soles upon the bottoms.

Evangeline quickly sprinted towards Silveresa, vaulting onto the dragon's back and landing safely upon the saddle. After strapping her legs into special bands on the side of the saddle meant for that very reason, Evangelina sent out a mental signal to Silveresa, who then spread her wings and launched herself into the sky. All it took was one flap, and then they were gone from sight, heading off to the castle where Evangeline had lived as a child, where Medali was currently holding the king and queen prisoner.

Evangeline and Silveresa arrived soon after, travelling the twenty miles from the clearing to the castle in a matter of minutes. The sun, which had before shone down brightly from an azure sky, had by now disappeared behind a dark cloud bank that hovered over the grounds like a blanket, blotting out the sun and casting everything into shadow. Dragon and rider landed in the open courtyard at the center of the castle without incident, which in itself was weird because before there were always guards standing throughout the castle. This was just another sign to Evangeline that something was horribly wrong going on here. Careful to always keep an eye out for signs of possible danger, Evangelina slowly dismounted from Silveresa.

The minute that her foot touched the cobbled courtyard, a voice echoed throughout the open-air space, a voice that was neither young nor old, and yet was so scratchy that you could swear that the speaker had a cough. "Welcome, rider and dragon. I am Medali," the voice asked.

Evangeline didn't answer, but instead looked carefully around the perimeter of the courtyard in which she stood. There were a few alcoves where wooden doors lead to other parts of the castle, but otherwise there was no where that anyone could hide. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed, and she whirled around to find a ball of dark energy hurling her way. A clear shield appeared from no where, blocking the attack and sending that energy ball whizzing into the stone wall. Evangeline then turned to face Medali.

"Impressive," the black wizard growled. He was dressed in a dark robe, and upon his feet were leather shoes. There was nothing strange about what he wore or what his face looked like, but it was his eyes stood out the most. Instead of slanted eyes like those of fairies or the eyes that humans were known to have, he had the eyes of a cat staring out at her. Long, greasy hair hung down his back in strands, and his mouth was curled up in a snarl.

The two stood facing each other for several minutes. Then, Evangeline suddenly vaulted up onto Silveresa's back and from there onto the ramparts in one swift, easy motion. She turned to look down on her enemy to see what he would do. Growling an incantation under his breath, Medali pointed a gnarled finger at Evangeline, freezing her to her spot! She couldn't chant a counter-spell, and she was unable to defend herself from any oncoming attacks. Silveresa was unable to help since Medali had raised an invisible cage that was unbreakable without the right spell.

Medali casually climbed the steps that led up to the ramparts and walked calmly over to where Evangeline stood. "Who are you?" he asked calmly enough, but Evangeline had to notice that there was a small tick in his eye, the kind that you would normally see in an insane or crazy person. He was demented!

The spell that was freezing her throat and mouth relaxed, which allowed her to talk, but she found that she couldn't remember any of the spells that would be useful against Medali. Instead of saying something that would answer Medali's query, however, Evangeline just spit in his eye. "That is the only answer that you will ever get from me."

"Impudent girl. I have treated you fairly in this so-called fight, and this is how you treat me? I allowed you to enter the castle unharmed, and I even spared your pathetic dragon! This is the final straw, though. Prepare to meet your demise!" the crazed wizard shouted at her.

Summoning up the greatest weather spell that he could muster, Medali sent lightning crashing down from the heavens. A wind storm blew around the startled young girl, and then the worst of it all came crashing down on her. The lightning struck true, the wind howled around her and lifted her up off the ramparts and away from the castle, and the nearby lake opened up and submerged her beneath its tumultuous surface. Slowly she started to run out of oxygen, and then her consciousness started to fade. Sensing that his adversary was near death's door, Medali ended all his spells, including the weather spell and the freezing spell that he had used against Evangeline. Scanning the surface of the water one last time, the evil wizard turned away from the lake.

Silveresa roared in despair, for the thought of losing her rider before she had even gotten to truly know her was painful. The bond she had with Evangeline was strong, and even though they hadn't known each other for long, Silveresa still felt that a world without Evangeline was hardly a world at all. Her howls could be heard all the way to the house where Evangeline's friends still stood. When they heard the despair in that call, they knew that something terrible must have happened for anyone to cry out in such agony.

Suddenly, the calm surface of the water started to ripple. No one saw or heard the great splash that followed thanks to the dragon's lament. The being that flew out of the lake was like none that anyone had seen before. The girl could fly like a fairy, and yet had no wings. Her gown was distinctly an azure blue, and resembled the one Evangeline had worn. The creature soared above the lake for a moment, looking out over the approaching sunset, and then she turned her eyes toward the castle and the evil wizard walking along the ramparts. He seemed to be enjoying the baleful cries of the dragon as if it was the finest music. The wizard watched the dragon for a moment, and then turned a calm eye to the lake. That is when he noticed the strange being floating above its waters, staring at him with anger in its pale blue eyes. The being floated against a backdrop of the setting sun, which flowed around her golden hair, making it look like she wore a halo.

The being shouted out an incantation, one more powerful than any that Medali had ever been able to use. A massive fireball engulfed the evil wizard, killing him instantly. With his dying thought, he finally realized that his enemy was the same girl he had just tried to kill.

When the fireball cleared, there was nothing remaining of Medali. The stranger floated toward the still-lamenting dragon. Silveresa, sensing something was nearby, looked up with doleful eyes, expecting to see the evil wizard, but instead seeing someone new. "Silveresa, why are you crying?" the stranger asked telepathically.

"Because my rider is dead, and I don't know what to do without her," the dragon replied. The voice she heard sounded familiar, but her grief at losing Evangeline was too deep for her to realize why.

"She is not dead, Silveresa. Why, she is very much alive."

Silveresa looked up at this remark. Before, she had not truly looked at the stranger, but now she saw someone that she had thought dead. Evangeline!

As it turned out, Evangeline had never been dying at all. She had merely been faking. She had changed the colour of her dress so that her enemy would not automatically recognize her, and then she had shot out of the water and floated up above it. She then used the greatest spell in her arsenal to defeat Medali.

After being barraged with feelings of joy from Silveresa, Evangeline calmly released both the dragon and all Medali's prisoners. When her parents saw her, they didn't recognize her at first, but were ecstatic when they realized that here was their daughter, safe and unharmed. All throughout the castle you could hear the cries of excitement as everyone realized that their wings had returned. With Medali's death, that spell had been broken, and everyone rejoiced as they realized that they could fly once more.

After that, everything returned to normal. Evangeline continued to live in Tulia, and the story of her bravery circled quickly and soon became a legend in its own rights. Although she was happy, Evangeline couldn't help but wonder what her next adventure would be.