Sonata sat on the couch across from her piano with her knees held up to her chest and her arms crossed on top of them, face buried in the sleeves of her sweater. Her tail lay limp on the cushions, her ears laid back into her nearly white hair. She wasn't crying, though she longed to. The tears were all dried up now and all she could do was sit and hold herself together. She was never an optimist, but never a pessimist either. Sonata was the type who had a heathy balance of positivity and negativity, but for the time being she couldn't even find a shred of optimism in her. She always managed to find strength and stand up against what was thrown at her, but now she could not. She felt weak and helpless. Drowning under it all. All of it, the death of both her lovers, the disappearance of her best friend. The recent news that her own lifespan would never stretch out of her prime. Though perhaps that one could be considered a comfort. With Leigh and Romulus dead, and Ryijo no where to be found and possibly dead as well, perhaps a long life wasn't in her best interest.

Sonata knew thinking like that wouldn't help the situation though. She had to keep hope that Ryijo was alive somewhere and would return. She had to live on as long as she could and to the fullest, since that is how Leigh and Romulus would want her to live. Sitting here in sorrow wasn't going to help anything so she lifted her he'd and uncrossed her arms, legs slipping back down. She stood up and tread across the plush beige carpet, her snow colored cat tail hovering a few inches above her ankles. She approached her piano and trailed her fingertips gently across the keys, so softly no notes emitted. She sat daintily in the seat, still for a moment until she lifted her hands and began to play. Sonata's feelings were being expressed in their normal manner again, at first idly touching the keys until a true tune made itself heard. She continued playing and lost herself in the mild comfort it brought, the room filling with audible bittersweet melancholy. For the first time in a long time, words came to her as she played and she voiced them with the gentlest heartache.

"Oh how I miss you

Left in the silence of your absence

Without your voice or your presence

My own life ticks on away

And I only wish you could have stayed

I'm alone and that's too bad

Searching for comfort

In the memories we had

It helps a bit but I'm still sad

'Cause you know memories just don't compare

To having you here with me

Where I could brush your lips

Or touch your hand

Anger we'd bypass and happiness we'd share

I'm selfish to dwell on what can't be brought back

But wherever you are I'm sure you understand

And perhaps one day I'll find you again"