When did things between us change?

Was it when you stopped looking at me

Like mine was the only face

That you ever wanted to see?

Was that how it all began

That you would disappear for hours on end

To ogle and stare at what you like to swear

Isn't in reality pornography?

You think that makes me feel great

That my self-esteem isn't bruised

Haven't you thought that maybe

That's why lately I've been feeling blue?

What I look like must not be enough

I guess I'm too ugly to hold your interest

All my romantic dreams have been shattered

Brought down in one click

It's not fair and I just have to know

Why you had to do this?

Tears, sadness, brokenhearted and anger

All jumbled together is not a helpful state

When you have a choice to make

Do I stay and work things out or

Do I just pack my things and go?

After some days of thinking

There is no other option here

Except for a separation

We need some time apart

To figure things out

Please don't come looking for me

Until after your mind is made up

Either It's going to be me or

Some stupid fantasy on the LCD.