A/N: To make long story short, our teacher told us to write in our composition books a paragraph describing who we are. Of course, being the poet I am, I outdid myself. This is the poem I got in the end. Some lines don't rhyme well, I know. But hey, I like my poem...it's longer than most of my fanfiction chapters XDD

The sun shone with shine; the day was divine
I myself had one great tome
The clouds sped by; to say good-bye
I trudged down all the way home

Who am I, I asked; as the lizards basked
To be such a interesting person
True I hated boredom; t'was a curse for kingdoms
Thank God I was reading some Anderson

I adore folk tales; they have many trails
That lead to mysterious places
The world of galore; most likely no bore
I try not to leave any traces

I enter this world; am flung with a hurl
In a sakura…I'm in Japan?
How the heck am I here; that's so very queer
But I'm lucky; I have a fan

So I try to blend in; hold up my chin
Wait, I'm in Medieval?
Oh great, I stand out; they'll think I'm a scout
Sent by the enemy, evil

Now there's an uproar; I can't do more
To shush them, cause to ignore me
I have to run; my idea of fun
Quick, to the hole near the sea

I jump in feet first; I hear cries of "Wurst"
Say, I think that's irrelevant
However, my home; which I love to roam
No one at all is malevolent

Now I tumble out; feet first, with a shout
Hey! Look! I'm alive!
I stretch, content; I'm quite spent
However, I have to dive

My parents confused; I'm not excused
"Where in the world have you been?"
I can't answer why; all I can is just sigh
And stroll away from growing din

I tell my friends; they click their pens
And tell me that I have gone insane
They roll their eyes; give me good advise
I've tried to consult them in vain

I have two close buddies; one plays, other studies
I hope that they might believe
Before I get to the phone; I hear her ringtone
Well, am I naïve!

Of course she would call; wants to go to the mall
Sequentially, I have to answer her
She says hello; her mood's mellow
She's known as a plant connoisseur

Oh well, I confide; to my utter delight
After pauses, she says she believes me
I squeal with joy, I send her bok choi
She's grateful, she smiles with glee

Now the story known, I might be prone
To loads and tumbles of questions
I'll take it all, I will stand tall
Hey, have some suggestions?

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