I had so far spent the past 20 years of my life fighting some stupid person after another. If it wasn't the

specialists or teachers, it was the nosey ones over what I could or couldn't do. It all started with she will

never learn to read and write well it took us 10 years but I finally learnt and boy did it feel good. My little

world suddenly exploded. It was now this mega, epic universe of different lives and it fed my imagination. I

then became a huge bookworm and artisan.

I had decided to move from the city to this cold, wet, quiet little countryside I was moving to Newquay in

Cornwall from my parents' home in the center of Nuneaton, West midlands. It had been my choice to live

near my sister. It gave me a chance to be free but not too far from some form of support. I never realising

let alone imagine what was coming my way. I wanted a new release in life a break from the problems of

home. My mum wasn't happy about me moving out and so far away from her. Her husband Nigel on the

other hand was all up for me to move out and away from home. I needed some fresh inspiration and some

sliver of an adventure. I never did cope with settling somewhere for too long very well but then that was my

mum and dad's fault really. We had moved around a lot during my childhood. I think I alone had been to

over 30 schools in the eleven years of my academic career. My Mum was driving me to Cheddar Gorge to

meet Ali. We were going to be having lunch before mum went back home. My sister was a lot like me. She

had long blonde hair and had only just celebrated her twenty first birthday. She loved having fun and was

insistent that she was living the life she wanted. I had enrolled at an auniversity to learn more about applied arts.

'Jessica. Mum.' She screamed while running towards me for a hug.

'Hi Mum. Are you ready to start University tomorrow' Uggg a new school. I hate being center of attention.

Great it was only a matter of time till I frightened everyone away from me. I could just hear it now people

screaming. Others asking what to do and then there were the ones that would just stand there and stare.

Where there's a will there's a way. Where there's a will there's a way. 'Yeah can't wait' I tried to

sound as enthusiastic as possible. I just hoped I could keep everything together for just one day at a time.

We sat down for Lunch and talked the whole time. I had to reassure my mother several times that this was

what I wanted. Ali and I finally convinced her I would be fine and we loaded all my stuff from mum's car to

Ali's and headed off to what would soon be my new home. I would keep myself together as long as possible.

I could cry when I was on my own.

'Things are going to be just fine.' Ali seemed to always sense things between me and her. I just kept staring

out the window.

'I know that.'

'I'm not mum. What's wrong?'

'Nothing. I'm just a little bit nervous.' and scared stiff. 'University will be great. You'll love it.'

'What's the art department like?'

'The teachers are great. You'll love it. Just do me a favour please?' I hesitated. I didn't really like it when she

asked for favours like this. 'Depends on what it is.' She leaned over and opened the glove box and handed

me a small mobile phone.

'What's this?' She shrugged her shoulders.

'Please don't get angry with me. It's a mobile. I got it for you. It's so you can call me if you need to. Just

promise me to keep it on you.' I couldn't help but smile I don't like taking things off her. I would leave it in

the car when we had finished unloading. Besides I wouldn't have the money to put any credit on it. She

must of sensed it because next thing I knew she was pulling into the side of the road.

'You're not to leave that in the car and you're not to worry about the bills either. It's a contract to use in

emergencies and I've set up the payments and everything.' She saw I was about to interject when she held

up one finger to tell me to let her finish.

'I'm with mum to a degree but you need a life Jess. I am doing this because you want to. All I am asking is

that you call me when you need me. I'm only half an hour away but it's better than something bad

happening. This is something I can do to help. Please just let me help.' I couldn't argue then I was too

touched by her kindest. I slid the little black phone into my pocket and smiled.

'Ok I promise to keep it on me and call you whenever I need some help. Thank you.' We got to my campus

and collected my room key and started unpacking the car. After we had unloaded everything into my room

we went to the communal kitchen and got a cup of hot chocolate. I then walked her back to the car we had

a quick farewell and then I went off to my room to cry myself to sleep.

I woke up to my first day of college. It was grey and raining outside. I woke up way too early for College so

I went and got breakfast. Then headed back to my bedroom and put on some music while I got ready to go.

My block was only twenty minutes away from my campus and half an hour from the local shops. That would

be a nice pleasant walk for me. I got use to walking at an early age. I never was going to be able to learn to

drive so I found other ways of getting around from point A to B. I didn't want to be reliant on other people. I

got to College in time for inductions we were to rally into the art block Lobby. I then had to sit through the

normal introductory lecture. We then did a load of team building exercises to get to know our peers. I found

it very hard to engage really and just kept my head down following everyone else's lead. Lunch was

probably the only bit of interesting change as I walked into the cafeteria and bumped right into this young

man. His face just screamed super model.

'Sorry' I mumbled quickly before dashing to hide in some random corner. He looked very upset about me

bumping into him or maybe it was something else. We had the afternoon off to do the tour of campus and

explore the local facilities.

I went and had lunch with some new friends. Sally who would be in my Art History Class and Alex who was a

second year student mentor. When we got to the table I looked at the man again. He was now sitting by the

window in the far corner of the cafeteria. He had joined 3 others.

'Who's that man in the corner? I whispered to Alex. She looked where I was looking.

'Ah they are the Stanley Family. Dr Stanley is a general surgeon at the Hospital and his wife is a midwife

there. Sam and Kate Stanley were adopted along with Tony and Leo King by the Stanley's. Katie and Sam

are the dark haired two and Tony and Leo are the red and blond pair. . . . .' I looked up again to watch Kate

lean in to Leo while playing with an apple. . . 'Also Leo and Kate are an item.' She warned. '. . . and before

you think about the other two. Tony has a girlfriend that goes to another college. Sam isn't intrested in

dating. He's very shy. However he is one of the schools best pianists.'

'What are the others studying?' I asked curiously.

'Amber is studying Fashion. She is really good. That Jacket over ther. . . ' She pointed to the Jacket Leo was wearing.

'She designed and made it. one of the major fashion magazines offered her an appreticship and she met

supermodel Kellan Smith. He bought a couple of her jackets.'I felt my jaw drop. She was good if people

were already wearing her clothes. She then pointed to Toby.

'Toby is studying Photography. I believe. Leo I don't actually know what he is studying.'

Everyone started filing out of the Cafeteria and I found my way to the Library and then went to explore the

Studios and arts block. I saw the Glass room with all the benches and other glass equipment. I couldn't wait

to have a go. I also saw the dance and music rooms. They were both so lovely I had some great ideas for

projects to try out and wrote them in my inspiration diary. I then went back to my dorm room and did some

reading before I fell into the world of sleep. My world of sleep had it's good and bad days. The next day we

were thrown into health and safety assessments in the morning. For the afternoon we would get to have

some free time again and I decided to go and start on some projects. I went into the dance studio to

practice. I turned on my stereo . . . . that I had picked up after lunch from my dorm room . . . and started

warming up. I then started rehearsing my favourite Salsa routine. I always liked salsa it helped me relax and

sometimes even inspired me. I closed my eyes to the music and just went free style. I must have been

dancing for about ten minutes. I heard a cough from the door way I opened my eyes and he was standing in

the door way. Sam Stanley was staring at me. I jolted to a stop and just stared back at him.

'Do you mind telling me what you are doing in here?' He asked in an aragant tone. He looked at me in

disgust like I smelled awful. I looked at him amazed. What did it look like? What was his problem.

'I'm dancing.' I replied confused.

'But you didn't book this room. You need to book the room which I have done.'

'Oh sorry.' and I thought I knew the rules clearly I got the studio spaces wrong.

'I'll just get my things together.' I walked over to the table and turned off my CD player as he walked to the

piano. I looked at my watch and decided I would go back to Social area and study for a bit before going back

to dorms and settling with a movie and a soda. While I sat in the Social area reading up on nineteenth

century artists. I was startled to hear someone cough.

'May I sit with you?' I looked up to see who it was and relised it was Sam Stanley.

'Sure.' I said pulling my books together into a neat stack.

'You dance beautifully by the way.' He smiled at me then ran a hand through his hair.

'Thanks. It's just a hobby tho.'

'Really?' He sounded surprised. 'So does that mean your not here to study Dance?'

'Nope. I'm here to study Art and Design.' He looked shocked again and his jaw dropped open.

'So Salsa dancing is just a hobby.'

'Yup. dancing is one of my few leisure hobbies.' I had popped the P when I said yup and grinned.

'Do you do more than salsa then?' He was staring at me with excedingly curiouse eyes and was leaning foreward waiting for my response.

'I can dance the Tango, Salsa and Ballet. I've not danced ballet for a while tho.'