Things start in funny ways. Sometimes I wonder what I would have done if I hadn't found you. My saving angel. Don't blame yourself, something's you just can't fix.

"Cassie, what are you doing?" My voice was incredulous as a looked at my stupid-but-smart best friend. She looked at me like I was the stupid one, ''looking up Kane Parker, what else? God you're stupid sometimes!" We giggled like primary schoolers. Kane is possibly the hottest piece of meat in the entire country! Like Cass says, "he's finger lickin' good!" But our boy Kane is a bit of a player. Well that's what the rumours say! He dated Boy-Killer-Kellie a while back, but she cheated on his sculpted ass, so he dropped her. She didn't show up at school for a couple of days, and when she came back, she acted like nothing was wrong and danced right back to her I'm-so-mighty hag-throne. Cass and I just laughed. Not to the Queen Bitch's face of course. Cass was stalking him on Facebook. We laughed at all the stupid photos there were on Kellie's page of Kane she hadn't deleted. That's when I felt the knife in my stomach. The pain slashed and turned, it had happened before, the knife in my stomach. For a while, I had just thought it was growing pains, but this was too much, tears welled in my eyes, I dropped what I had been holding, the knife id used to cut the carrots. I was making salad in my kitchen. The knife fell in slow motion, twisting and flipping before my pain riddled eyes. Flip, flip, flip. It missed my foot by millimetres. Then it stopped, as suddenly as it started it stopped. I looked up to see Cassie staring at me, Kane forgotten, she was at my side in an instant, "Leah, babe what's wrong?" She was in almost hysterics; her voice had pitched two octaves. I managed to squeak out a weak assurance and swayed on my feet. The shock of the lack of pain was making me dizzy. She grabbed me and led me to a chair. I sat and drank the water she gave me. She opened her mouth to question me, but at that moment her phone rang. She glanced at me questioningly, I nodded. The blast of a shouting voice echoed from the phone. Her eyes widened 'shit' she mouthed. It was her boss.

"Why is Jemma saying you flipped off a customer?!"

"But he smacked my ass. What was I supposed to do?" her indignant voice was tinged with anger. "What a little snitch" she murmured. "I swear Cassandra if you mess up one more time I will fire you! You got that!?"

"Well you know what you don't have to, I quit! You self-righteous pig! Suck on a big one Alfie!"

With that pretty remark she hung up the phone and promptly stuck her tongue at the receiver. 'Stupid son of a bitch… never liked him anyway." I laughed really loud, the kind
of belly laugh that leaves you breathless. Cassie hesitated before joining me. After our tears ran dry and the laughing stopped, she asked me; "what was that hon, what was wrong?" I didn't want to worry her so I replied with; "just some PMS shit. It's all fine! Promise." I smiled to prove the point, when I knew that it was something much different. I just didn't know if it was good or bad…yet.

I was in school, on parade. The old assed principal was calling out names for special awards. Being the drama geek I am, of course I was called. "Leah Hughs" I got up and walked towards the stage. A plastered smile covered my face as I collected my certificate. "Thanks sir!" I said brightly. I walked towards the others in the line up. A few more names were called up. That's when I felt it again. Not a knife but more like a sword or meat cleaver. It stabbed me in the gut, sharp and terrible. Dully I remember that I fell to the ground. The skin on my arm split and blood pooled around me. I remember screaming and think that, I wonder if this is what dying feels like.

Beeeep. Beeeeep beeeeep. Ugh what the hell is that noise, and why does my head hurt so bad?

Memories of the parade filled my mind and the beeping noise increased dramatically. Someone stirred at my side. "Leelee?" it was Cassie, "babe is that you?" I asked her. She looked up at me. Her eyes were red rimmed. "Leah, baby, you-you have c-c-cancer."

They said that I would have a year, at most. But I surprised them all when I lasted a year and a half. That's when I met her. At first I didn't realize that I was 'into' girls but turns out I am! She was beautiful, an angel. She came into the coffee shop I was sitting in. And we started hanging out after that. She was my first kiss. My most beautiful, meaningful kiss. I loved her. My beautiful Anna. When I cried after the chemo didn't work, she just held me and stayed. When my family freaked out about me being who I was, she was there. Cassie was still my best friend. I still loved her like a sister. But I was fading fast. Every time I looked in the mirror I saw a thin pale girl with pale frail hair. When I laughed I could feel my skin stretch over my bones. I looked sick and small. But when I was with Anna I felt like my old self.

It was the fourth of the tenth. Days away from my sixteenth birthday. All my family was here, Anna and Cassie, my mum and dad and brother. "I love you all" I said in my new brittle, wispy voice. "I love you all so much and I hope that you will take Anna and Cassie into our family." My voice cracks with effort but I need to say this. "Mum, thank you for telling me those stories about angels and princesses, for making me believe in the impossible. I love you." I paused and I could see the tears mum was trying to hold back shine in her eyes. "Dad you are my rock. You used to make everything okay when some girl made me cry. I love you dad" I keep going. "Little brother, you've always made me laugh. No matter what you do I know that you will find a beautiful girl and make beautiful babies! I love you brother" I turn to my best friend. "God Cass, how long have I known you!? We have been friends longer than I could remember. I can talk to you about anything! You talked me into doing some of the stupidest stuff I've ever done but I had fun doing it, and I would never ever take anything back. You are my sister and I love you!" I turned to my beautiful angel last. "My Anna, I love you so much. You are my heart, my soul and my life. And even though mines near the end you will always carry me with you. You are my angel. And there is nothing I would do differently. Find someone to live the rest of your life with. Who won't die on you," I smile weakly. "I love everyone here and everyone who isn't. Know that I will always be with all of you, don't be sad. You won't lose me, I promise!" sleep was pulling me tighter in its grasp. "So it's time to say good bye, and goodnight. I love you"

I closed my eyes and felt every ones hand touch some part of me and it was only right that the last thing I felt was my beautiful angel's lips and my families' soft hands.

Goodnight everyone, I love you all…