See that girl on the floor, that overwhelming shadow being walked over

This darking shade is not for people to cover up their loneliness

Its not something that's easily pursued to be near you

Your so-called shadows able to cut its feet and crawl, your not needed

Now I've chosen to go, I won't need to listen to your faithless bitching

The blood that you see at my feet proves my devotion to my true friendships

Just following like the shadow was the stupidest thing any light has done

You were boring and an ass trying comparing me to another

Stop your fucking with people and get your story straight

Like someone or not, make up your mind and don't use my light as a decoy

I don't want to be shadowed by anyone no more, but believed you wouldn't, but u did

Sobbing up your games is what you do, I no longer feel sorry for your coward ness

Talking behind ones back is what your most good at; too bad it's a shit skill

When you say that you yourself is fat and ugly, fucking suck it up, like I did

Go to a counsellor to get over yourself, piss off with that look at fucking me

You've bitched, they've bitched, we've bitched, my turn to bitch…

Good luck dick head…