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Chapter 1 – I couldn't confess

"Hey girls, mind if you help me with the windows?" my class most random person, Bryan spoke. He had those nerdy looks but he isn't the kind whom you will expect a full mark on; maybe a 75 the very most. Well, that's still considered smart enough.

Our class is doing spring cleaning this morning and it is a must for everyone to participate in it, except for Wendelynn, the class most flirty girl. She could simply flirt with any guys that she sees around, regardless of their age and appearance. She just wanted to attract attention, especially HIS attention.

Although it is bad for me to say that, but I do think that Wendelynn is faking her medical certificate when she insisted that she is allergic to dust. The other time I went to her house, it was full of dusts and even spiders. Just the thought of her house is enough to give me nightmares for consecutive nights.

"Alright! I'm going to help you to clean those windows," I exclaimed and put down my stuffs to help Bryan to clean the windows. "Yuck!" I coughed and turned away when the dust particles basically just flew right into my face when I swept them away. I have to admit that I am a little clutsy.

"Haha!" Bryan went laughing hard.

"Stop it!" I said and laughed alongside with him when he accidentally fell off his chair while cleaning. Luckily it was a minor fall and all he suffered was a bruise on his elbow.

"Hey!" he scowled and helped himself up, continuing cleaning the windows with a frown on his face. I stared at him. He got those black hair and masculine figure that every girl wants their guy to have. And those pouty lips… He looks cute actually.

"What? Staring at me cause I am too handsome?" he teased.

Oops. I stared at him for a little while longer than usual.

I blushed a little. "Of course not! I am looking at the scene of the class behind you. Don't you think that everyone is putting their best effort in cleaning the class except for that W?"


"Wendelynn" I mouthed her name to him in case she could hear me bad mouthing about her behind her back.

"Well, that's expected of her. Leaving her aside, there's still another guy in our class who hadn't put in any effort in the spring cleaning," he reminded me.

Right, That guy.

I hopped off from the chair and stormed off into the classroom.

"Where are you going?" Bryan asked.

"To find that stupid guy named Ryan Wellington," I smiled, evilly.

"Good luck then!" he waved at me and I smiled back. Bryan is really a nice guy who I can talk to so comfortably.

Putting that aside, where had that guy wandered off to? He isn't in the class, isn't in the canteen so where could he be?

"Well, the only place where I could sleep in peace is the place where you aren't around."


"Cause you're noisy."


"You are too noisy for your own good sake. So noisy that I have to leave the class and sleep in the rooftop…"

That's right! Rooftop.

But I still can't forgive that bastard for calling me noisy. How could I be noisy when all the teachers had always written and feedback to my parents that I am too unvocal in class and I have to speak up more. Well, Angeline had once told me that the teacher must have been deaf but I argued that there is way more than one teacher who had feedback about me being quiet.

I sighed and breathed deeply as I climbed up the stairs. I am bad at sports.

Finally I saw bright light emitting from the flight of stairs in front of me. I picked up my speed and opened the door to the rooftop.

And I was right. He was sleeping there peacefully, lying flat on the floor, legs slightly bent.

I walked over to sit beside him, admiring at the scenic scene that befall in front of me. Yup, this is the kind of place to find him. The morning sky that surrounded us completely, dotted with patches of magnolia clouds and red maple trees below us and in the distance away from us. The melodious chirping of the birds was soothing to my ears, making me peace at heart, ease in mind.

I stared down at the handsome boy beside me. His beautiful features, black jet hair with fringes covering half-covering his right eye, long eye lashes, not-too-sharp nose and pink pouty lips… Could a guy be ever so beautiful like him?

I trailed my finger down from his left eye, to the bridge of his nose and then to his lips. I lingered at his lips for the longest. These lips, these kissable lips are the lips of the boy I like and only like in my entire life.

No doubt, he is the HE in our school. Yeap, the one who is considered the most popular, good at everything is crowned as the HE in our school. Most people tried owed to him when they neared him. HE could basically change the school entirely, from the rules to the facilities. That's how great HE is in our school.

And now, I am with the HE alone.

"You're irresistible, you know that?" I said softly to him, as if afraid to let anyone else to hear me saying those words.

You're right. I had never admitted my love to him to anyone else, even him. No one knew about it, not even my best friend Angeline and George, except for Luke, my twin brother.

I bent down to kiss him on his forehead and smiled to myself. This boy is seriously a gift sent down by God.

Suddenly, I felt myself being dragged down by him and landed on top of him. He chuckled and looked up at me.

"Do you always say such stuffs to someone who you see sleeping beside you?" he asked.

Seriously, he is making me to blush so deeply and my heartbeat to race at a dangerous rate.

"What… What do you mean? I… don't… understand…." I struggled free just to feel his strong arms hugging me close to him.

How many girls in the whole world ache for this moment to be hugged by Ryan Wellington and even worse, to be lying on top of him? It's Ryan Wellington! The billion model star of the world and also the heir to a famous shipping company in America.

"I meant this," he said, rolling us over so he was on top of me now. He looked at me intensely, causing me to gulp down a huge spit of saliva and closed my eyes, before I could feel his face coming close to mine and felt his lips touching mine, sending repulses and electric shocks all over my body. His lips moulded against mine to the point that I thought that this guy had his lips born in such a way to fit mine perfectly. Only him… Only his lips are capable of doing so in the entire world.

We parted when my lungs gave way. I thought I was almost suffocated to death.

He chuckled at my reaction when I began breathing in deeply and huffing out hardly.

"Aren't you cute?" he chuckled and climbed off me. I sat up, sitting opposite of him.

He looked at me before laughing again, ruffling through my hair again.

"Hey, stop it! It's going to get messy," I said, shaking my head vigorously to get his hand off my head. He ended up ruffling even more.

"Hey!" I said and he stopped but laughed harder.

"Sorry… But you looked like a lost puppy looking for his mama," he said and looked at me again with his brown eyes. They seemed so reflective that I could even see my own reflection in his eyes. At least, I know that he is looking at me, not anything else.

"And you are the mama of the pitiful lost puppy," I sniggered. "You looked so motherly," I teased.

"What? You mean I look feminine?" he asked, frowning at me. Well, I couldn't help it but chuckle. He looked so cute when he frowns. I traced the frowns on his eyebrows unknowingly.

"You know what?" his voice brought me back to reality.

"What?" I asked.

"I feel like kissing you again," he said, bringing his face closer to mine as I knelt in front of him, in between his spread legs and felt his lips touched mine again. His fingers had entangled themselves in my hair and the other was holding firmly to my back, as if afraid that I might fall backwards. My hands moved up to touched his back and then to his chest, feeling his racing heartbeat.

So, he still feel nervous by such things. His pink-tinted cheeks had given his tough-guy attitude away.

Accidentally, my hands moved down and touched something hard. I looked down and blushed. His fellow member was erected and aroused.

"You're…" I blushed even deeper. I am pretty sure that by now, my face is already red like a tomato.

"Shut up and kiss me already," he said and connected our lips again.

At least, now I know that he is being true and honest to me when he confessed to me. Even though it was rather hard to believe that but I think I could believe every single word he said to me.


Because my heart race for him. Because my heart tells me to believe him.

And that's why I choose to believe him.

I could feel him kissing my lower lip and then back to my upper lip but everytime, it stops there. No tongues involved.

I could feel that he is restricting himself to move any further.

I should be contented with just that already because I am not his anybody. So, why am I a little disappointed?

He parted away to give each of us a little while to recover from the lack of oxygen. As much as I want to kiss longer, this is the limit to everything.

"I love you," he said, looking into my hazel eyes, fingers entangled in my mahogany hair.

I felt my heart skipped a beat.

It's time to confess my feelings to him.

Courage. Gather up your courage, Mirabelle.

"I…I…" I could only stutter out the first word.

"I? What do you want?" he asked as he stood up, helping me up.

"I… I…" I gulped down my spit again. "I… I…"

How and why could he say out those words so easily?

"I… I…" I tried again. He stared down at me with blank looks.

I mouthed out my words but nothing seems to come out of my mouth. I mustered my remaining courage to say those words I had always wanted to say.

"I want to eat lollipop!" I said out of the blue.

He blinked at me and looked down at me with the blank look again before chuckling and heading to the stairway door.

"I know you like lollipops but I never knew you love them to this extent. Well, we could go to the convenience shop to buy you one after school since you are not allowed to eat tidbits in school," he winked and held my hand.

His hand felt warm at the touch. Those big and warm hands that I wanted to claim as mine…

Why can't I just say it?

"Oh right! This reminds me! Why are you here on the rooftop? Is there a reason why you're here to look for me?" he asked.

I stood rooted to the ground.

"Oh no!" I started running down the stairs, dragging him along with me to the classroom. Bryan is so going to kill me when he realized how long I am gone!

In the meanwhile…

'Where did our dearest school president, Mirabelle Summer Carlson, went?' Bryan cursed under his breath as he vented all his anger on the window panes he is wiping.

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