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Chapter 3 – Recalling the past

The lecturer's talk about how logarithms work is boring me to death. I couldn't help but go into daze. Ryan has fast fallen asleep beside me. Angeline and George are reading a magazine together, flirting around. Everyone else is not paying attention to the teachers except for those hardworking ones like Kaithlynn Jeans and Victor Evans. Trust me, it is not like I don't like them, but I really can't understand them at times like these. How can a lesson in school be exciting and engaging except for sexual education talks?

Staring at my pen and stabbing my worksheet with it, my mind went back to a few years back.


"Hey! Belle, its dangerous to climb up the tree! Hurry and get down here!" the little boy from below cried. He was my best friend and we used to play around together often. He was my first love.

That time, we were only twelve.

"No way! The view here is nice!" I crossed my arms and continued to sit on the tree, staring at the view of the city from the tree on top of the hill. I know it is dangerous but I have done this so many times that I am rather confident of myself already.

"No! Get down now! Your mum will kill me if she knows that I didn't take good care of you!" he cried.

"Oh Tommy boy… You aren't my nanny or whatsoever so technically speaking, she has no reason to kill you! But, I can't guarantee that she wouldn't punish you…" I said.

The last time, the punishment was to frog jump around the estate once. For a child, that was deadly.

"SEE?! That's why you have to get down now!" he begged me.

"No way! You're going to come up here with me," I demanded, leaving my hold off the branches.

"EH?! I would be roasted by your mum!"



I grumbled and felt myself losing my balance. No way! There's no way I am falling! There hasn't been once that I actually fell from sitting on a branch!

"BELLE!" I heard Tom's loud, high-pitched scream. At least, that just meant that I am not dead yet.

I felt myself falling, clothes moving up due to air resistance and closed my eyes.

Dear God, I don't want to die so early. I am barely a teenage yet. I want to start a romance.

Nah… Things are not going to go right. There is no such thing as miracles even though those famous people always say to 'Believe in miracles' and whatsoever. Let me tell you this, miracles don't exist.

However, I felt myself falling into the arms of someone and landed on the ground with a thud. I rubbed my butts and opened my eyes.

I can't believe it… I am STILL ALIVE!

"Are you alright?" I heard a soft mumble from behind me and turned back. It was Tom. Being the small and scrawny little boy, he actually tried to save me. Even though his elbows are bleeding, his knees are bruised andhis right hand had fractured, he still managed to smile at me and asked me if I am alright.

Idiot… I should be the one asking him that question.

I broke into tears and hugged him tightly. The feeling of my beating heart and the feeling of hurt… I should have been cleverer back then to realize that I had fallen in love with this little boy.

"Hey, stop crying. You sure you are alright?" he asked, pulling himself away from me a little and wiped off my tears with his left hand.

I continued crying, especially after I saw how much pain he is enduring to keep me from crying.

I should have stop crying and sent him to the hospital to check for his fractured right hand.

"Come, let's go home to get your knees check. They are bleeding," he said and tried to stand up with his left hand.

I sniffed back another urge to cry but I couldn't. It was too much for me to bear.

"IDIOT!" I screamed.

He turned back at me with confused looks.

"IDIOT! Tommy boy is an idiot!" I said again.

"Hey! What did I do wrong now?" he asked with a scowl.

"You are hurt more than me! Don't worry about me! Worry about yourself! You are hurt more than me! Please… Just worry about yourself…" I said and broke into tears again, squatting in the middle of the road.

I heard his footsteps coming closer and closer to me until I could finally see them stopping in front of me. He squatted down and patted my head gently.

"I've got it, Bella-bear, shall we go to the clinic to get my hand check first?" he asked in his sweet voice.

I turned to look up at him.

He smiled his brightest smile at me.

I nodded my head and my walked down to the clinic, holding hands.

That was the first time it ever occurred to me that maybe, this boy is important to me. Maybe this boy meant something to me.

#End of flashback#

I continued to daydream about the things in the past. From the time I climbed up and stair and fell down and got admitted to the hospital when I was five to the time when I first felt my heart racing for a certain boy.

I peered to my side to look at a certain boy with black jet hair, sleeping peacefully. He was mumbling something along the lines of ice-cream is tasty and I giggled softly.

I lost to my temptation and went forward to touch his hair. It felt soft even though it looked spiky. His facial features were perfect and they seemed to be properly matched even before he was born. He was just a lucky guy with everything one could ever ask for.

And for me, I lay my head down to look at him at eye-level. He was just too perfect.

Too perfect for me…


I entered Ryan's house and was amazed by his house. I know he is rich and from the outside of the house, I could see it clearly. He had a mansion and even a water fountain, a private pool and a basketball court. But the inside of the house shocked me terribly. I thought it would be plain and more 'family-like' but it seems like I was totally wrong.

His house is nicely decorated like a place always welcoming people and always having formal parties being held in here. It felt grand and I felt proud to even be standing in his house as a guest. Those mahogany curtains with gold laces at the end, those dark-brown plates of the fans with gold plaits at the sides, those lamps of a complicated design…

There were just too much for me to describe and look at.

I went to his room and at least, it didn't felt so grand. It looked very modern but one look and you will know it belongs to a rich guy. He had photos of himself and his family all over his walls and sports equipment and a white grand piano.

You're right, his house is freaking big with a main room as big as my living room and three other smaller rooms that each as big as my bedroom.

Just how freaking rich this bastard is!

I chatted with him about stuffs, finally started on our project after an hour of petty talks and went down for dinner soon afterwards.

I was served with exquisite dishes that some I haven't even tried before. But they were either fungus or fishes or anything. They just looked expensive and too much of a portion for three people, me, Ryan and his mother.

"So dear, what's your name?" she asked suddenly.

I almost choked on my food.

"Mi… Mirabelle Carlson, ma'm," I answered her.

She nodded her head and smiled sweetly at me. "You're Ryan's girlfriend?"

That time, I swore I dropped my fork and stared at her blankly.

"Is she not?" his mother asked Ryan.

Ryan laughed out loud and answered no.

"I see… So what does your family works?"

"Erm… My family opened a shop of their own," I answered.

What on earth is she trying to know from me?

"A shop? What kind of business it that?"

"A clothes shop," I said.

"Oh! What's the brand name of the shop?"

"Crazy Aunties Shop," I said.

She laughed. "There's such a shop?"


"How many chain stores do you have?"

"None… They only opened one," I said.

She gave me the unhappy look.

"And how much do your parents earn a month?"

"$1000, I think," I answered without shame.

She rolled her eyes. Yeap, she literally rolled her eyes.

"Are you mad, Ryan! Why on earth are you getting along so well with a beggar!"

That time, I thought I felt my heart sank.

Beggar? Seriously, a beggar? I had expected something like poor girl but not as extreme as a beggar!

"MUM!" Ryan roared and stood up from his seat.

"What?! DID I say anything WRONG?" she asked.

"You didn't? You called Mirabelle a beggar! I don't care if you like her a not but she is the one I like and she is now the guest of the house so treat her like one!" he said.

"OH? The one you like? Please, Ryan! Get out of it! Its just a puppy love! If you really need girls, you just have to tell me and I will get much prettier ladies with lots of money to come here and accompany you! You don't have to shame our family by… by bringing her HERE!" she answered.

"FUCK!" he said and grabbed my wrists. "Mira, we're off here!"

And I got dragged away. At the very least, I actually bothered to say 'goodbye' to that stupid witch.

What's with her obsession of rich and beautiful ladies?!

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