All I can do

Is think about you

All I can do

Is keep this fragile thing called friendship

Did you not promise me?

That nothing in this world

Of mundane pleasures and bliss

Can ever tear apart

The melting chains that bind us

And when I tell you

That I've always harboured romantic feelings

You smile wryly, and sweet talk me

As the world falls away

Then you disappear

No words of notice or anything

And I'm stuck here

Thinking of you

One day I see you outside my door

As if you own the world

And a wedding ring on your finger

You say you've married

But I'll always be your favorite

And you sweet talk me once more

Honeyed words falling off your tongue

A give in once more

So we tumble back on warm familiar sheets

When you're lying right beside me

The scent of soap and coffee

So familiar and so strange

I'm lying wide awake

Maybe I can pretend

Maybe I can play along

But all the while

I see that ring on your finger

And I remember, that you're not mine