Joseph stared at the ceiling of his room and tried to wait for exhaustion to take him.

He found that since they moved to this ranch he couldn't sleep as easily. OR at least someone that suffered from insomnia slept. That was beside the point; this wasn't home. Well, if a giant warehouse could be counted as 'home'. But with all the work that they'd put in that place it might as well have been 'home.' Joseph hadn't had one since he was sixteen years old.

He missed it there. He missed the openness of it the one thing he'd looked forward to was sleeping in his own bed and he didn't even have that anymore.

He couldn't sleep and he had a lot of work to do tomorrow. He didn't want to do it while being half dead.

So many things were running through his mind. He needed to find a way to get close to Starkson without becoming his puppet and without giving his sister up as a price. Joseph had seen that request coming but he wasn't going to deliver. Naomi had been betrayed by their father and their mother. She would also see this as a betrayal and one that she would never forgive him for if she did get handed over to Starkson as per any agreement that he might make. And he wasn't going to do that to her. Not after what both of them endured in the Facility and not with Starkson looking at Naomi, his mother, like she was a pawn in his little chess game.

And then there was the matter of his father. The last time they'd seen him; he had shot up Jane in an attempt to get out Now Kyrie wasn't with him right now, she was trying to get things ready for Bernard's return but that didn't mean that the team would want him back. Joseph didn't even want him back. His father could apologize for the rest of his life but the feelings of betrayal Joseph felt were still raw every time they sat in the same room. And don't even get him started on his he felt with what Frederic had done to Naomi.

But in truth Joseph needed him. His father knew what was going to happen and he was still the lesser of the two evils.

And then there was the revelation that Starkson was Naomi and David's son. Joseph didn't...he couldn't even comprehend that. His father had said that Naomi wasn't exactly the same mentally and emotionally as she was when they stated this endeavor and he could see how that would be an understatement. But how could someone like his sister…or even David would produce someone like Starkson.

He couldn't tell this to Naomi; it'd kill her. He couldn't even tell David. And if it ever got found out, then he'd simply deny that he ever knew it. It was simple. He had enough on his mind without thinking about the fact that his nephew was psychotic and older than him and shouldn't even exist yet.

He put his hands over his eyes; their lives were seriously messed up.

Someone opened his door, flooding the room with light.

"Hey," Jane whispered, "You awake?"

"No." he lied and covered his eyes from the light, "What do you want? A bedtime story or something?"

"David said to meet in the living room."

So much for sleep. Whenever David started talking it was 'Katie bar the door' they were going to be there all night, "Why?"

He took his hands from his eyes and looked at Jane, immediately he saw the fear and the apprehension in her eyes

"Something's wrong at the docks," she whispered,


"I don't know, but they're dying."