Struggling with the demons inside

Just trying to get some sleep tonight

Wandering across these crossroads

Does it really matter where I go?

Wanting to be with him so badly

But my family; then we'll be fighting

No way to keep them both and survive

My life is a hellish roller coaster ride

Not just a name, this is who I am

And that boy is my biggest fan

But then, I gotta appreciate

Represent what I've been given by fate

Resisting the urge to just let it all go

No longer able to just go with the flow

Gotta choose what I want; leave the rest behind

Oh god, if only you would give me a sign

So much a part of me, it'll kill me to leave

I'm standing here wearing my heart on my sleeve

But it's time to think, I can't keep waiting

No matter where I go, they'll all be hating

I love him, but I love them too

Ain't family supposed to stick like glue?

What the hell am I gonna do now that my time is short

My decision will be taken up in court