I'm not completely sure why i did what I did, I knew fine well it was stupid. I'd jumped up into a tree a few feet into the jungle and climbed up to the top. I watched as the boat crept slowly closer, watched the men's faces change to horror when they figured out what had happened. I only looked away when they loaded the bodies onto the boat, grimacing and close to tears as they did so. I watched the boat leave without me on it. My new purpose in life came to me. I would find the beast that caused the pain, and I would kill it. Rip out its throat and use it to strangle it, tear it limb from limb and burn the body, dancing around the flames. The hunt would begin the next morning I decided.

I waited until the boat was well past the horizon before I let my body drop to the ground, landing on the balls of my feet again. As I made my way back to my camp, the enormity of what I had just done hit me. Let my only chance of rescue disappear to set out on a suicide mission. And it was a suicide mission. Whatever killed my classmates was big and strong. It obviously had claws and an animal that big probably had sharp teeth.

"What am I doing?!" I screamed out. Birds gave their unintelligible replies. I probably should have given up the hunt, I knew it but different ways to kill something that big raced through my mind, demanding attention. I could use ash mixed with a little water to make paint to help conceal me while I sat in a tree. I could use something to disguise my scent then perhaps I could throw my spear nice and hard to injure it as much as possible then simply drop onto its back and slit it's throat.

Images of a big cat of some sort flooded my mind, it's blood on my hands, that last roar it would make, one last bid attempt to get up and strike me. Once I'd gotten to my camp, I set to work immediately. I put some extra wood on the fire, much more than necessary, found the kit and set it alight with the magnifying glass and allowed it to burn while I busied myself sharpening my spear again then holding it over the fire again to seal it. Next I grabbed the kit and took out the magnifying glass and put it in my pocket and took sat by the fire again.

I racked my mind for something to do in the meantime. I didn't feel up to hunting pigs for sport and I wasn't hungry enough to eat. I knew the area around my camp like the back of my hand and I'd climbed all the good trees. I decided on improving my camp some more.

I added two more triangles on either side of the back of my shelter then a long branch across the top of the two new triangles and covered it with big leaves. My new shelter was three or four times the size of my old one and was roughly 'T' shaped. I crouched inside and picked up all the leaves on the floor I'd been sleeping on and threw them outside, grabbing new ones and placing them in one of my new 'rooms'. I was rather proud of my little bedroom as ideas flooded my mind for improvements I could make.

By sunset, I'd made a little table from sticks tied into a sort of mat then used very short sticks as legs and made another mat as a place to sit. Next I decided what the third 'room' could be. I decided it was sensible to make it a cupboard of sorts to store anything I wanted to keep, of course I had no possessions yet, but it could be useful anyway.

I stepped outside to watch the last of the wood in the fire become ash and then the flames to flicker out. Once they did, I grabbed the beaker we had been given in the kit and got a little ash in it, filled about seven eighths of the way then I fill the rest with water and stirred them together. I put it in my little storage room along with my knife, belt, magnifying glass and spear, glad to have it in use, them went to bed. An early night to make me as fresh as possible the next day for my hunting. My revenge. My purpose.

My eyes snapped open to an almost silent jungle. I listened to the sounds for a moment in my little nest of leaves before pushing some aside so I could stand. Time to get ready. I walked to my storage room and grabbed my spear and my ash/water then strolled outside. I blinked in the sunlight with my eyes half shut and stumbled as I lay my beaker and spear down. Next I went back to my storage room, remembering my belt and knife. I strapped them on loosely so the belt sat on one hip and the side with the knife sat on the top of my thigh.

I walked outside and sat by my other items and picked up my ash. I dipped the tip of my middle finger in and began drawing out the pattern I'd imagined. My eyelids were filled in pitch black with long wings on them that reached my temples, my lips were filled in then a long curved line under my cheekbones and on my forehead. I put three slanted linens on my chest on either side then curved lines from my hipbones to my belly button and a thin dash on either side of my stomach. As for my arms, I tied vines I'd painted in a criss cross way up them, like I had done with ribbons on my ballet shoes once. I picked up my spear and went to find the little black flowers once again.

I put one flower at the side of each wrist in the vines then one in one of the holes of my belt plus one in my hair. The goal was that with the flowers and the ash, my scent would be disguised. I found my way to my camp and peered at my reflection in the pond And was temporarily stunned. I looked terrifying. Like a wild animal. And I liked it. I grinned at my reflection and she grinned right back.