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I crawled among the roots and dead leaves, my spear securely held in one hand. I'd found the remains of a paw print hours ago and had been following them, my bet was whatever had a paw this big was probably what killed my classmates and was very probably going to kill me. It didn't matter. I followed those paw prints anyway. Close to the ground, less likely for my scent to be detected. My chest grazed along the ground, tearing up the last of the lace on my bra and leaving dirty smudges on my stomach as the plants to either side of me left their marks on me too. Nice red patterns on my sides and back. A delicate web of wounds. My arms were scratched from crawling too, as well as my feet. Deal with it. That's what I told myself. Worse is to come. Deal with it. A slight sound close by forced my head up slightly as I peered through a wall of leaves. There stood a large wild cat. I've no idea what kind it was as I let instinct take over at that point.

I climbed a tree swiftly and silently, swung myself onto a thick, sturdy branch and aimed. I threw my spear as hard as I could, beyond pleased when it hit it's target. The cat's stomach was pierced by a good few inches. It roared and raged for a few minutes as it looked for the source of it's pain, thrashing and making threats but afterwards, it was weakened dramatically and struggled to stay on it's feet. I chose my moment carefully before leaping from my branch directly onto it's back. It roared as my weight forced it to the ground. It rolled over so it could swing hard at me and leave four long thin bloody lined on my back, from my left shoulder blade to my right hip. I hissed in pain before forcing my body violently up, throwing the weakened animal onto its side on the ground. I stood quickly and clasped my spear, still implanted in the animal and forced it in more, I felt it when I had pierced it all the way through, the animal had stopped roaring and now whimpered weakly, and my spear touched the grass below.

I pulled out my knife without realising I was even doing it and slit it's throat deep, letting the last of it's warm blood spill over my knife and hands. It was amazing, I felt...powerful. That's the best way to describe it. I had made the decision that this creature no longer deserved to live and followed through. I smirked at my kill.

I'd decided I needed something to remember such an occasion so I took up my knife again and opened the cat's mouth, gagging at the scent and used the knife to cut into the gum and pull out a long pointed tooth. I sat crouched at it's mouth for a moment, examining it then stood, placed my knife in it's holder and put the tooth in my pocket and sprinted, feeling giddy and full of adrenaline. I ran around my camp about five times before throwing myself down in the sandy floor of it on my back, breathing hard and smiling. I'd did it. I killed something big and strong. Me. I threw my head back and let out a loud cry. I lay for a few moments before picking myself up and grabbing a dried out vine from the ground and tied it around the tooth then tied the vine around my neck, close and tight like a choker. My fingers lingered on it for a moment, feeling the blood that remained on it. Some of it had dried, some was still wet. I was still grinning for my victory, ignoring the feeling of my own blood dripping down my back.

I strolled to the pond and once again, dove in. I didn't even bother taking my clothing off, I just wanted the ash and blood and dirt off. I almost screamed in pain as the water touched the wound on my back. The lines weren't deep enough to be life threatening but they still hurt. Badly. I sat in the water until the stinging stopped then stood and got out, letting myself air dry. I got the magnifying glass and some new wood and built my fire again. My stomach rumbled just as the fire caught light. I was confidant in my movements as I left the fire, knowing it wouldn't set anything else alight and followed yet another trail, this time one of little circular prints. Killing the pig when I found it was nothing. Unsatisfying. It was a little on the small side but it would be enough for me. I simply flung my spear at it's flank, disabling it's ability to walk then sauntered out of the tree's and slit it's throat then removed my spear and carried the pig over my shoulder by it's back legs.

Once back at my camp, I washed the blood from my hands then started cutting off pieces of meat then cooking them over the fire on sticks. It was almost tasteless but it was good enough. I finished my meal then buried the pig and leaned over the river, letting my lips touch the moving surface and drank. I lifter my face from the water and wiped my mouth on my wrist, grinning as I remembered my mum always giving me into trouble when I did that. I tried to picture her face. I remembered short, straight light blond hair, emerald green eyes, tanned skin with too much make-up Peach coloured lips and a ton of mascara. But that was all, I couldnt piece everything together to make the face I had seen every day of my life. It worried me. I wondered what she'd think of me now. The last of the ash on my face still not quite gone, blood still on my hands and back. Barely dressed with messy hair. What would she say? A crystal tear rolled down my face but by the time it landed, it had gathered ash, dirt, sweat and blood from my face, tainting it. Another did the same, then another, and another. I walked, sobbing into my shelters 'bedroom' and lay in the pile of big leaves there, letting myself just loose it.

100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105

I counted the little splash sounds my tears made when they hit the leaves below.

106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 112

The smell of my fire was faint, it was burning out, the sound of the animals outside, mocking.

113, 114, 115, 116, 117, 118

My lower lip trembled. For whatever reason, I remembered the fact that I still hadn't had my first kiss. Now I'll never have it, I'll die alone on this island because I let the boat disappear over the horizon.

119, 120, 121, 122, 123, 124

The girls at school used to tease me for not having kissed anyone, how many things could they tease me about now? I'm filthy, I have four long wounds that would probably scar on my back, my hair was matted, and I still don't have a tan. My nose must be a little pink, my shoulders too. I always ended up like that after being in the sun.

125, 126, 127, 128, 129, 130

My tears finally ran dry and my eyelids drooped. My head was throbbing so I just gave in, despite the sun still being up.