A/N: Some 'Guest' reviewer got their fanny in a flap because they thought I was wasting everyone's time with this. So just let me clarify, 'Swear Words' was written when I was 15. I have a whole bunch of other stuff I wrote when I was 15 and now I think I'll upload them just for the benefit of 'Guest', who seems to know me, otherwise she wouldn't have worded her review the way she did. Traffic stats tell me she's either from the UK, USA or Canada.

Anyhoo, without further ado, here is...

A poem about...

Swear Words

by Monkey Moon (aged 15)

Swear words are horrid and vulgar

Swear words aren't clever at all.

They've no f***ing right in the language of man-

For a swear word there's no bloody call.

Why say "f**k" or "sh*t", when "crikey!" will do?

It's not such a terrible word;

You can say it at dinner, or tea, even church-

And the vicar won't find it absurd.

So let's all stop swearing! There's really no point

In profanity all of the time-

We don't need to say "bloody hell", "f**k" or "sh*t",

(Even if it does help me finish the rhyme.)