Hello Everyone, as the start of my account revival I will be starting my brand new series, Omni-Quest, which is, from what I have planned so far, a 6 book series that will take quite a few years to finish, which I don't mind because this is a series for you guys. Anyway, lets get on with the story so you don't have to listen to me flab my mouth.

"Fire at will!"

As the war between the Necromancers[1] and the Kingdom of Fire[2] rages on, 15 year old Xyfere fights beside his fellow knights as the youngest of them all. Xyfere sidestepped as the demon that he was fighting slashed at him with its razor sharp claws. A searing pain ripped through his cheek as the claws grazed his skin. He cleared his thoughts and focused on the demon instead. The demon let out an ear piercing screech as it flew up and towards him. Xyfere attempted to duck but was caught of guard when the demon grabbed his shoulders with its claws. Even worse pain raged through his arms as he struggled to break free of the demons death grip. The demon then shot forward causing Xyfere to fly backwards over the edge of the tower. He fell to the ground praying that he wouldn't land on on of his companions, as it would cause two men to be taken out instead of just one, and at the time, all the soldiers were needed. The force of the impact caused a thud as he hit the ground and then a rattle as his only piece of armor, his helmet, rolled away from him. His sight began to blur. He tried to get up but was unsuccessful.

Xyfere opened his eyes. He felt immensely tired and his muscles were sore. He could just make out the image of a girl about his age leaning over him. She had short blond hair and blue eyes.

"You're awake!" She exclaimed. She ran over to a small sink and started to wash some dishes. He slowly got up, then an image of the Kingdom of Fire burning to the ground appeared in his mind.

"The battle! I have to return to the battle! The whole kingdom is counting on us!" He said. The girl came over and gently laid him back down.

"You're too weak to return, you must rest," She said in a half comforting, half serious tone of voice. She ran back over to the counter and took some leafs out of small cupboard.

"What happened," Xyfere asked.

"Huh" The girl said.

"What happened, how did I get here?" He asked.

"Well, what happened was I was out collecting healing herbs and I heard screeching fill the air. I rushed for cover as an army of demons flew overhead. I saw one of them drop something so I ran to the crash site. You were lying there. I took you back to my house and took care of you until you woke up." She replied. She leaned a little closer. "Look, I know that you are trying to fight the necromancers, but your efforts were wasted by fighting the demons. There is something that is controlling all of them. That something, that someone is the God of Necromancy himself. He controls the demons and makes them raid villages and destroy kingdoms." She said explained.

"How do I find the God. When he sees me he'll wish he never messed with us." He said, the words straining his throat.

"It's not that simple. Gods are powerful beings, they can't be beaten by mortal weapons. Instead you must gather the three pieces that will craft the sword that can slay any of the gods." She said irritably.

"How do you know all this?" Xyfere asked.

"You know my house," She said

"Yes, I mean I'm in it right now," Xyfere said. The girl rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, this used to be the site of an old kingdom, until the retched necromancers tore it up from the roots. The battle was chosen to happen at a terrible time as we were just recovering from a fire and most of the guards were out of energy. We successfully fended off against the demons with ease, but then the God of Necromancy came to the fight. We tried as hard as we could but to no avail, he was too powerful. My father stayed with me and my mother, protecting us with his life. My mother gave me her necklace that she owned since she was my age. Then she told me to run through the forest and find a safer place. I ended up hiding in the abandoned tornado shelter. I was probably there for about 2 days because when I returned the battle was over and the city was empty besides a few dead bodies here and there. After that I decided to live here."

"And you have lived here all those years, alone in this small hut." Xyfere said.

"Pretty much," She replied

"Werent you worried the necromancers would come back," Xyfere asked.

"Not really. I read a lot on necromancy and I know that they never take over an area but destroy mainly for the purpose of having the best kingdom in the lands, which explain why necromancers have never really attacked small villages."

"I can't believe you can live in this kind of place. It seems so cramped." Xyfere said, shifting the topic.


Ah kin'dis[3], always used to living in the luxury of there kingdoms. I learned to live off the land, which isn't hard as long as you know what to do. Plus it's not so bad since it's only one person" She replied. She walked over to the bed that Xyfere was lying on.

"Drink this, it will ease the pain," She said.

"And that leads us to the last part of this conversation," Xyfere said.

"What's that," The girl asked, half-sarcastically.

"What's your name," He asked

"My names Charel," Charel said, "And you."

"My names Xyfere." He said.

[1]) For those who don't know, necromancy is the art of death magic.

[2] The Kingdom of Fire is the kingdom that replaced the Kingdom of the Storms after it was overthrown by demons 7 years earlier

[3] Kin'dis's are a race of fire related beings that study in the art of Fire and Fire Weaponry

And that brings chapter 1 to a close. I'm excited to see what you think of the series, and I'll see you guys in chapter 2, but in till then, happy reading.


P.S: The reason armor is spelled without a u is because I'm Canadian

P.S.S: Since this is a finished copy of chapter one, I would like to thank the people that gave me feedback for this chapter. Those people would be CliffhangerGenius, Starsis and especially Anxious Axolotl for all there feedback and support. Thanks for helping me out.