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After 5 hard hours at work, Xyfere and Charel had assumed they had collected as many Gallums as possible from the remains of the ships that had not been buried deep under the dirt in the lake. They began to walk back to Charel's shack, when he thought of a question.

"So, how long do these air bubbles last?" He asked. Charel opened her mouth to begin to speak, when the air bubbles popped. Water-like substance got in his eyes. They began to burn as if soap had gotten in his eyes. He clutched his head and bent over in agony as the soap burned his eyes longer. After a minute of pain from the air bubble, Xyfere finally regained his senses. They continued along the path. Cane had stayed back to guard the buckets of Gallums they had collected. After about 5 minutes they reached Charel's hut. Charel went into one of her many herb cupboards and grabbed potion ingredients and potion vials while Xyfere collected tools like axes and fishing rods. Charel put her stuff in a stuffed bag while Xyfere loaded the tools in several variates of bags. Charel finally grabbed a 3-bottle potion stand (Minecraft referance anyone). Xyfere grabbed a tacklebox and they headed back to where they left the Gallums. Sure enough, Cane and the Gallums were still where they left them.

"So, how do you assume we make a boat?" Xyfere asked.

"I'm a wizard," Charel replied. "I got it covered." Then she walked towards a tree. She cracked her knuckles and traced a purple-ish semi-oval in the air, and pushed it towards the nearby trees. They all clean at the base. All the trees fell over. Then Charel pointed at the fallen trees, palms open. The tree began to float in the air. The trees started to flatten and bend to form the base of the boat. After about 3 minutes the wood was finally formed to make a boat. She then levitated it over to the water and dropped it. The boat bobbed up and down as the water splashed on to the shore. Xyfere, Charel and Cane began loading the Gallums and supplies on to the boat. After they loaded the stuff on the boat, Charel spoke up.

"I have to go get this one last herb from the Blazewood tree in the heart of the forest. It's the main ingredient in the Potion of Fire Aura." Charel said.

"Okay, just don't be long okay." Xyfere replied. Charel replied with a nod and turned to head towards the forest.

Deep in the Dentisque Forest lay the Blazewood Tree. This tree is connected to the 3 other Elemental Wood Trees. These grand trees hold the 4 elemental auras used in the 4 Elemental Potions. Each potion has its own effect. The Frostwood Tree aura potion allows the player to freeze the opponent. The Rootwood Tree aura potion allows the player to root their enemies to the spot. The Aquawood Tree aura potion allows the player to give the enemy and affect where the enemy walks as if it was underwater, and the Blazewood Tree aura potion lights the enemy on fire when struck by the weapon of choice. The Blazewood Tree Herb has long been Charels herb of choice. She walked towards one of the lower branches of the tree. Avoiding the branches, (Blazewood Tree branches or very hot) she picked as many of the leaves as she could. She grabbed one of the leaves, but it felt soft and hot, the obvious signs of a Element Pixie. The pixie unravelled its wings and landed on one of the branches.

"Hey, what are you doing grabbing pixies." The pixie said in an annoyed, squeaky voice.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were a leaf." Charel apologized.

"Oh, so your saying that pixies look like leaves huh." The pixie continued.

"No no, I didn't mean that you look like a leaf." Charel apologized again.

"Hmm, I might be able to accept your apology, for a price." The pixie said.

"What do you want?" Charel asked impatiently.

"Got any money?" The pixie asked.

"Yes.I have a bag full of Gallums." Charel replied reluctently.

"Gallums sound nice. I'll take that." The pixie said.

"Fine." Charel sighed. She took out her pouch of money and gave the pixie 5 Gallums.

"What, you think I'm made of money," The pixie complained "Double up, and that should be enough." Charel sighed again and gave the pixie 5 more Gallums. The pixie stared at the coins as if he was holding a 2 pound diamond.

"Apology accepted." The pixie said. It then covered itself with its wings and disappeared with a pop and a puff of smoke. Charel put all of the leaves in her pack and headed back to the boat.

"Where were you?"

"Bad run in with a pixie." Xyfere had begun to question why Charel took so long to return back to the boat.

"Did it ask for anything?" He asked

"10 Gallums." Charel replied.

"Stupid cheapskates." Xyfere said with a short chuckle.

"We should probably set sail before the sun sets." Charel suggested

"Good idea. Load your stuff and we'll set sail." Xyfere said.

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