Lucy freaked out. The rope was tied securely around the base of the fan, and her hands were failing about. When she was running out of air, she started to gasp. Trying to inhale some kind of air.

Oxygen. Then she remembered that this was the way she chose to end it. So she just fell limp, and her vision started to blur. Then, everything went black.

Among the muddiness in her brain, Lucy heard a shout.

Keith had thrown open the door, and was racing through the house to find her.

"Lucy!" He shouted. He paused just a millisecond to listen to the thrashing coming from one of the rooms upstairs. He was fighting for air, but he still leapt up the stairs and burst into her room.

There she was, hanging from the ceiling, limp. Keith thought he was too late. His heart stopped and then he sprang into action. "Lucy, no!" The chair had fallen over in Lucy's little panic attack, and it was the same chair that Keith picked up to untie the rope around her neck.

Finally, the knot came free, and Lucy toppled to the ground. She still wasn't breathing. Keith faintly heard sirens outside, and jumped down from the chair to her side. Her neck was purple and blue and her eyes closed. Tears were falling down Keith's cheeks but he wiped them away hastily.

He picked her up in his arms and ran down the stairs and outside. Police and firemen were scattered all around and people from the neighborhood and school were there. Just standing there, watching. "Someone help me!" Keith yelled. Many firemen turned around and then seeing lifeless Lucy in Keith's arms, hurried over to help. "How long?" One of them asked. He didn't have time to check his watch, so he guessed. "At least maybe 5 to 10 minutes." Keith felt the weight of Lucy being lifted from his arms, but he couldn't see due to the tears that were blinding him. He used his now free hands to viciously whisk them away, and ran with the firemen who were fighting their way to an ambulance. They put Lucy down on a gurney.

"You're gonna have to back away kid." One of the firemen said to Keith. "No! I'm the one who rescued her. I'm not going to leave her." The firemen gave him a look and opened his mouth but he cut him off, "I'm not going anywhere." The firemen just let him be, and Keith turned his attention back to Lucy.

Her skin was starting to get pale. When he pointed this out to a firemen, he hurried her into the ambulance. Keith climbed right in after them. No one said anything to him. He held Lucy's hand all the way to the hospital.

They threw open the doors and hurried the gurney onto the cold pavement. Inside they raced down hallways to a large operating room. Keith held Lucy's hand all the way. "You're gonna be okay Lucy. I know you will." He whispered to her.

Then a nurse turned to him when they were wheeling Lucy into a room. "This is the furthest I can allow you." She saw the look on Keith's face, and was instantly saddened. She felt so bad for him. "You'll have to sit over there. I'll let you know how she is as soon as I can." And with that, she walked in the room, leaving Keith to cry in peace.

He sat in the waiting room for Lucy's specific room. He put his elbows on his knees and leaned his head into his hands. But all he saw was image of Lucy dangling from the ceiling. Then Keith put his head between his legs. He felt like throwing up. He didn't want to remember her like that. Lifeless.

About a few hours later, Keith realized that he was surrounded by people. Grace had a hand on his shoulder and Megan was hugging him. Riley and Amber were sitting on either sides on them, crying their eyes out. Faith and Bruce were sitting across from them and holding onto each other both of them crying.

When Keith started returning Megan's embrace, Grace shifted over to Amber to comfort her. Even though Grace had tears in her own eyes, she was trying to make everyone else feel better.

Keith was oblivious to everything. The only thing his eyes would focus on was the door which Lucy was behind.

Bruce eventually pulled himself together and tried to take charge of the situation. "Are you kids hungry?" He meant to say, but what came out was: "Hungry?" His voice wouldn't cooperate very well. Everyone shook their heads and then he went back to mourning with his wife.

It seemed like hours until the nurse came back out. Keith stood up so fast that it startled Megan. He was standing in front of her before she had even said a word. "Is she alright? How is she? Did she make it?" Keith threw questions at her. The nurse patted his arm, and addressed him and the room of people behind them.

"She's gonna be alright." All the tension in the room went flying away, and everyone broke into fresh tears. Except these were tears of joy.

"This young man here go to her just in time. Nothing was permanently damaged. She probably won't be able to talk for a few hours, maybe more. But other than that, Lucy will be fine." The nurse looked pointedly at Keith. "She's gonna be fine. You saved her." That was his final breaking point. His shoulders sagged and he started to cry. The nurse's heart ached for him, and she held him while his shoulders heaved from crying so hard.

Keith stood up straight, done with temporary breakdown. "When can we see her?" The nurse smiled, "Now if you would like but you'll have to be quiet. She's awake, but she's tired." He nodded, and looked to Faith.

Faith smiled with tears in her eyes. "You saved her Keith. You go first." All he could do was nod.

When he stepped into the room, he smelled disinfectant and heard a bunch of beeping. There were tubes going in and out of Lucy, yet other than the bruise on her neck, she still looked like Lucy. Keith smiled at her. And walked carefully to her side. Tears slid out of her eyes, "Keith?" He hushed her, and she started to cry more. He just held her hand, and waited until her tears were over. "Everything's fine Lucy. You're fine. In fact, you're not even supposed to be talking yet."

Even under the circumstances, Lucy blushed. "Well I guess I'm better than they thought." Keith chuckled. It was nice to hear her voice again.

He leaned down, and kissed the top of Lucy's head. "I should let everyone else have a chance with you. Everyone came to see if you were OK." Lucy smiled, and Keith slowly let go of her hand. "Keith," He stopped walking. "Thank you." He shook his head.

"It was all worth it Lucy. Trust me."