So this is an idea that I had that combines several of my ideas into one story. This is set in an alternate future in which the government as we know it has crumbled.

Things to expect in this story are homosexual and heterosexual relationships, violence, language, and life in general.


Centuries ago, things were not as they are now. Not as safe, secure. People have now been lulled into a false sense of security, a peace as delicate as a thin pane of glass. And like that glass, when the peace breaks, it will not simply crumble. No. It will shatter into thousands of angry pieces and hurt everyone who happens to be near by it.

When this happens, when this peace comes crashing down around us, no one will be safe.

But, centuries ago, the gods gave humans a defense against the spirits of the night. This defense came in the form of 12 humans who willingly gave their souls to protect mankind. In time of great strife and turmoil, these souls, called Guardians, rise up and band together to combat whatever disatser looms on the horizon. Alongside each Guardian fights a Savior, a human bound to the Guardian by powers unknown. These Saviors are meant to give anything to defend the Guardians.


In recent years, no Guardians have arisen, and with war on the horizon, the future of humanity is looking bleak.

20 years ago, several bombs struck the Western part of the United States, leaving a barren wasteland known only as the Outlands, splitting the U.S. in half along the Mississppi River, all the way North into Canada. Those in the West have been isolated, reverting to an almost barbaric state of mind. These humans, monsters as they are often called, are known as Outlanders and are distinguuishable by black marks that mar their bodies in the froms of swirls, zig zags, spirals and other shapes that seem almost Celtic or Tribal in appearence. With the bomb's destruction, democracy as we knew it crumbled. From the half of the country that was still "civilized" arose two powers, the Confederacy and the Council. The Council sought to maintain the country's old ways, preserving documents known as the Constituion and the Declaration of Independence. The Confederacy's motives are still unclear, the one in charge using sweet words and honey-coated lies to gain support for her cause. She travels the southern part of the Civilized Society spreading the news "The South has been given the chance to rise again!"

Now, a giant wall separates the Outlands from the Civilized Society.

But does the wall do more good or harm?

A magic stirs in the air, stronger then anything anyone has known, and this can only mean one thing. The Demon King, the beast which first required the existence of Guardians, is gathering his strength, and with him, Hell itself will be unleashed upon the world.

Will the Guardians make a miraculous appearence, or will humanity become extinct?

So, the topography or whatever, the set up of this new world, is difficult to explain. At some point in time, I will post a link of a picture to give you guys a better idea of this new country.

Tell me what you guys think? Does this sound interesting?