through my

body. It's as

common as oxygen

The tears course down

my face and sobs rack my

form. Where do my tears go

when they fall? I can't find them,

but I feel like I've shed thousands upon

thousands into my pillow. The pain I feel

in my chest is excruciating. I search for

release, but my body is shaking and my

hand is trembling as I reach for the

blade. A shudder passes through

the house as the thunder

rumbles and lightning





and I can

see my reflection.

Puffy, red eyes. My

eyes, staring back at me

through the mirror. My skin.

Sallow, pale, and unused to seeing

the sun. Goosebumps appear on my

flesh as it meets the cool metal. My

breathing quickens as I begin

to slide the blade across

my wrist."Stop!"



stops me

in my tracks.

I seethe on the

inside. Who dares

to disturb my haven.

My sanctuary? "Stop!"

their voice had created an

echo in the house. I whirl

around to face the perpet-

rator And I am shocked

to see Adam. A nerd

in my school.


are you

doing here?"

I sneered at him.

He stared at the

blade with wide eyes.

He takes a step back. Good

boy. He knows when to back off.

"Now if you'll excuse me-" I began

to say before he cut me off. "What are

you going to do?" he asked me. I laugh,

one with bitterness, and regret. It tells of

sadness, loneliness and pain."What do you

care? Or are you just asking so you can say

you tried to stop me?"He began to speak,

but I cut him off "I'd give you the credit,

but I don't want people to think that

you were the last person

I ever saw."




then closed.

He stood still

and closed his

eyes. "Go ahead,"

he said after a while. I

did a double take. "Go

ahead and do it," he stared

at me with his obsidian eyes.

"I dare you." His steady eyes

followed my trembling fingers,

as they re-gripped the blade.

I swallowed a lump in my

throat, the lump in my

throat growing bigger

and bigger.



to list all

the reasons

to be here. To

remind myself,

why I was doing this.

My parents, my grades in

school, my lack of friends,

being bullied in school,

no one caring about



are wet as

I relived those

torturous reasons and

moments. I opened my eyes

to stare hopelessly into his bottom-

less ones. "Saving myself from danger. Saving

myself from evil." I whispered to myself, before

chuckling darkly. Adam's eyes grew wider as I

locked with his and brought the blade up to my

chest. I gave him one small smile and said,"Why

do I live, Adam? Why do I live?" I closed my

eyes, and pressed the blade into my

chest. "Stop!"

A/N: Yeah. I want for you guys to draw your own conclusions on this one. Does she actually commit suicide? Or does she stop the blade when Adam yells "Stop!" for perhaps the last time? R&R please!