AN: So I am in a Creative Writing Class this trimester and we have to do a free write every morning at the beginning of class. Most of the time it isn't a very long amount of time, generally about 5-ish minutes, but you are required to have something down on the page. I just wanted to share my free writes here, even if they are rather short; I just want some feedback on the ideas since most of them are things I am thinking of using for novel-length stories. :) Reviews always make my day and are really what I am hoping for with these stories. After all, feedback makes things better, at least for me. ~Katharine xx

The Secret of Lily

Lily wished that she had been told about her powers and heritage before she met Rush. Why wouldn't her father have said anything to her? She could understand not wanting to say anything while she was growing up, but she was twenty two now, for God's sake! Surely he knew that she could handle it by now; if she could handle all of his issues, then she could have handled this.

Unless he himself had no idea. If what Rush said was true, then it was a realm-jumper's first priority to keep the secret of their existence hidden. What if Mom hadn't told Dad about her powers?