Nicole's Pain

The girl is a broken vase,

always shattering inside.

She feels agony in her heart.

She hears his words in her soul.

She tastes his lies on her tongue.

She smells his stench of dishonor.

But her eyes and her heart won't let her see how he truly is.

As she smells the dishonor, she tastes her tears.

Nicole doesn't hide her pain in Kettering.

She is fixed it seems,

Only to be broken by the boy agian.

She doesn't realize her boyfriend is a douche,

He hides it and she hides it.

He's not a douche, you don't know him like I do, is what she tells us, her friends.

The uncaring boyfriend of the broken soul.

She leaves him at last, never looking back.

Malley was there to give a shouldar to cry on.

All know Nicole will go back to him, forgetting the pain he has put her through.

She sees him as a loving jerk.

To ease her pain, she must realize it all.

Au revoir le garcon, s'il te plain mon amie!

Her heart runs her life, not caring of her pain.

Shattering heart, pieces dance in the light, soon to be fixed and shattered again in Nicole's endless cycle of pain.