I am writing this poem not because of my own pitiful problems because as of this moment in my life I don't really have anything to complain about. But I have friends who struggle. I have friends that I have lost because they are too closed off. I have friends that are trapped and don't know where to go but won't let me help. And this is dedicated to them. And to all the people who are closed inside. Don't let pride get in the way. If you are broken, then say you are broken. Don't fake who you are. I know you may not know me but I will help anybody who asks for it, if it is within my power. So now, I present to you…Shattered

You see the pieces

And you don't know what to do

You see the tears

And your problems looking back at you

You try and pick them up

But they slip through your fingers

You think that you have had enough

But the feeling still lingers

You can't handle this alone

Because you are shattered

You think you have no one

But no matter how battered

And broken you may be

There will always be me

And the others

Waiting to help

So stand up my brothers!

And stand up my sisters!

Because you are not alone

You have us all

You have help

Just accept it

Become stronger through it

And become stronger through others

And maybe one day you can help others

Just like we have helped you

And maybe you will no longer be shattered