My Arms, Your Home

By: Jessalynn Hawthorne

I can see the pain in your eyes,

It's the kind of pain that can't be hidden behind a smile,

I'd give anything to take that pain from you,

Take that darkness from your eyes and throw it into the faces of those that hurt you,

Make them feel what you feel,

Still I know that no matter how much pain they feel it will never be enough,

They could never hurt enough to atone for the hurt they've caused you,

No amount of tears,

Of eyes darkened with pain,

Could ever even begin to compare with the darkness,

With the pain I've seen in your eyes,

I've seen your eyes fill with emotion you shouldn't be made to feel,

Watched the tears roll down your cheeks,

Felt your body shake with sobs you couldn't contain,

I've felt my heart crack as you sobbed out loud,

It makes me want to hurt them,

To make them feel the way you did right then,

I want to pull you close and keep you safe,

There's nothing I wouldn't give to take your pain upon myself,

To watch it fade from your eyes,

But I'll settle for holding you close to my heart as your pain reaches its boiling point,

As your tears come again I'll hold you in the safe place next to my heart and I won't let go,

No matter what happens in the future my arms will always be there to pull you close,

When you've taken all you can take and you can't do it anymore,

When you're lost and you can't find your way home,

When you feel like you're about to give up,

Just call my name and I'll come to bring you home,

To my arms where I hold you tight and never let go.

Dedication: This one is definitely for you babe. No matter what happens in our future I'll always be there to bring you home. I promise. 3 I love you babe. 3