Darkness is a black hole.

The wind screeches through the darkness, as if its escaping.

I'm all alone- no one in sight, the feeling of lonliness piercing through my heart...
feeling the icy needles ripping through my flesh..
seeing the shadows of death climbing toward me,
their ghostly groans screaming in my ears...

And I can taste pure fear.

I can hear the painful agony of the tortured souls-

And Satan himself smiling down on us, closing up his hell.

The Shadows...have gotten quiet.

Too much to bear, the silence is too much to handle.

My crazy mind too much to be silent.

Terror mounts in my chest, and it paralyzes me.

I scream to the darkness to let me go.

The only answer is the black posion rain that falls.

The desembodied hands grab at my ankles-
bring down the knife right into my eyes

Atar is here, burning in the shadows.

The world is combusting- people crying in utter terror.

Why won't it let me go?!

Never let me go...

I fall into the black abyss.